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Best kitchen scales for minute quantities

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Iwantacookie Sat 26-Oct-19 20:37:38

I would of said drug dealer scales but your better off googling jewelry scales grin

veneeroftheweek Sat 26-Oct-19 20:34:11

Ha ha! I did wonder about googling drug dealer scales. I hadn't thought of jewellery scales though. Will check them out. I need it for weighing cheese making cultures in tiny quantities as well as regular cooking.

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minniemoll Sat 26-Oct-19 20:12:33

Look on Amazon for jewellery scales, they go down to fractions of an gram. I bought some to weigh yarn exactly whilst I'm knitting, although I suspect that most of them are sold for much dodgier uses.... wink

veneeroftheweek Sat 26-Oct-19 17:58:48

I need new kitchen scales and ideally they need to be accurate to 0.1g and not take up too much space in the kitchen. Current scales are the thin ones that you put your own bowl on, and I like that style. Any recommendations for decent brands?

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