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Cooking rice in the oven

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FredaFrogspawn Wed 23-Oct-19 08:13:41

I have started, on the advice of a friend, to cook rice in a heavy open casserole dish in the oven. Also rice and lentils together, or rice and veg cooked in mushroom stock. I have been lightly browning the veg in a little ghee - onion, carrot, celery and mushrooms- before adding the mushroom stock pod and some fresh herbs. The rice is always perfect - something I am not at all good at when cooking on top of the stove. Lovely with ground pepper and a fried egg or shredded omelette on top. I use twice as much liquid to uncooked rice, about half an hour in the oven. I used a basmati and wild rice mix.

Anyone else use this method? And anyone have any more recipe ideas?

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FredaFrogspawn Wed 23-Oct-19 08:14:59

I mean recipe ideas cooking rice this way!

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LoveGrowsWhere Wed 23-Oct-19 08:16:22

Will be interested to try that. Delia has a recipe for cooking risotto in the oven which saves having to stand there ladling.

FredaFrogspawn Wed 23-Oct-19 08:19:39

I’m not brave enough to cook risotto that way - and shamefully enjoy the ritual of a glass of wine for the pan and one for the chef while I stir... !

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ItWentInMyEye Wed 23-Oct-19 08:26:11

I do a similar recipe that you top with garlic coated mushrooms, tastes divine

FredaFrogspawn Wed 23-Oct-19 08:28:38

Oo sounds nice.

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Xiaoxiong Wed 23-Oct-19 08:37:26

There are quite a few pilaf, paella and persian baked rice recipes that work in the oven like this, and biryani dishes. I like the ones layered with meat and lentils too. I have a whole set of cookbooks about cooking everything in the oven, the roasting tin books and also Diana Henry's new book "from the oven to the table" is only oven dishes and has an amazing baked spanish rice with pork belly and black pudding that is to die for.

Some recipes that I like as well: - this one says "cook over a very low heat", I put in the oven instead. - ditto above.

penisbeakers Wed 23-Oct-19 08:39:27

I cook rice and beans like this. I'll cook black beans until they're soft first, and then add more water and rice. I always use plenty of seasoning and spices, and my kitchen smells amazing for the duration.

jenthelibrarian Wed 23-Oct-19 08:45:43

Oooh! I like the sound of this!
Do you use the quick-cook rice or the normal sort?
What temp and for how long?

OhioOhioOhio Wed 23-Oct-19 08:49:33

Has anyone cooked, frozen and then reheated a korma type pie?

FredaFrogspawn Wed 23-Oct-19 08:51:42

I just use normal basmati with wild rice - over at about 200 and half an hour.

I didn’t realise this was how biriyani is cooked! Thank you for the links.

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MoltoAgitato Wed 23-Oct-19 08:54:17

Yes - usually I use my rice cooker but if cooking for a crowd I use a large casserole and whack it in the oven. No hassle and no standing over it.

SisyphusDad Wed 23-Oct-19 09:56:13

Another endorsement for Delia's oven-cooked risotto! Incredibly easy and tastes brilliant.

ChardonnaysDistantCousin Wed 23-Oct-19 09:58:17

I do a Patricia Wells recipe for baked rice with tomatoes and mozzarella, similar to Delia's one, and it's really good.

FriedasCarLoad Wed 23-Oct-19 21:04:11

I’d like to try this. I have a few questions!

Twice as much water as rice in weight?
Water cold when put in the oven?
Oven what temperature?

Thank you smile

FriedasCarLoad Wed 23-Oct-19 21:05:10

Sorry, just seen the temperature, but would still love to know the other two questions.

shas19 Fri 25-Oct-19 16:24:19

Buy a pack of paella rice. I use sainsburys.
Heat up 650ml of chicken stock with a pinch of saffron till it just boils.
In an oven proof dish with a lid, heat a little oil in it on the stove and add some diced peppers and spring onions. I use two peppers and 3 spring onions. Do this for about 5mins then add 3 cloves of garlic. After two mins add the whole pack of rice and cook for another 3mins roughly till all the rice is covered. Add the stock and some more saffron till all the rice is covered. Mix together and season with a pinch of turmeric and salt and pepper. Heat the oven to 180°c place the lid on the dish and cook for 40-50 mins. When its cook it will seem as if may have stuck to the bottom slightly but keep the lid on it and the steam in the dish will loosen it all and you'll have a lovely crust.

SwedishEdith Fri 25-Oct-19 16:35:57

We do this one a lot - basically kedgeree. Dead easy and always works. Can add stuff once out of the oven.

geogteach Fri 25-Oct-19 16:50:43

Ottolenghi simple has a couple of recipes for cooking rice like this

Myimaginarycathasfleas Fri 25-Oct-19 19:44:27

Rice bakes really well and it's really easy. You get quite a nice chewy texture this way. Ainsley Harriot does a lovely asparagus and tomato risotto in his Low Fat Meals in Minutes. Not sure if it's available online.

Lunaballoon Fri 25-Oct-19 19:54:14

Search Persian rice recipes such as this by YO. The golden crust is delicious!

SwedishEdith Sat 26-Oct-19 22:32:23

Thanks Lunaballoon for posting that Ottolenghi recipe. Made it tonight (bit of a faff) and it was gorgeous!

mamandematribu Sat 26-Oct-19 22:39:40

I use a similar method but unfortunately I don't cook rice much. The dc really only like it when it's served with curry.

mamandematribu Sat 26-Oct-19 22:40:42

I have two rice cookbooks and am debating about a third.

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