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Veggie sandwich ideas please?

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user1494670108 Tue 22-Oct-19 11:33:30

Following on from the other thread about family friendly vegetarian meals can you please advise your best vegetarian sandwich fillings? We tend to eat chicken, ham and prawns or tuna and the only veggie one that we eat is cheese, kids don't like egg as it's too smelly!

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BIWitch Tue 22-Oct-19 11:36:53

Salad - lettuce, cucumber and tomato, with salad cream and white pepper (or any other combination of salad ingredients you like!)
Roasted veg - any, but especially onion, peppers and courgette (could add some grilled halloumi too?). You can make a big batch up at the weekend so you're not having to do it each morning

Ricekrispie22 Tue 22-Oct-19 11:57:03

We usually just have different types of cheese with different accompaniments:
Cream cheese and cucumber
Brie, lettuce and tomato (known as the BrieLT in our house)
Cheddar and pickle/chutney/relish/coleslaw
Mozzarella and pesto
Pitta bread with hummus and red pepper
Quorn deli meats
Falafel and hummus wrap

We’ve tried jackfruit but it’s not that high in protein and it’s not so good cold.

SueDoeName Tue 22-Oct-19 11:59:05

roasted pepper and hummus

ThisIsM Tue 22-Oct-19 12:02:04

Black bean, tomato, humous and avocado wrap

TheDuchessofDukeStreet Tue 22-Oct-19 12:05:57

Cucumber and pineapple
Tomato and basil

noodlenosefraggle Tue 22-Oct-19 12:07:48

Cream cheese and grated carrot

Breathlessness Tue 22-Oct-19 12:09:14

Hummus with either grated carrot or lots of thinly sliced cucumber
Cheese and apple (I like cheddar with a tart apple or Wensleydale with a sweeter apple)
Falafel in a wrap with leafy salad and tzatziki

BIWitch Tue 22-Oct-19 12:23:10

Veggie sausages with brown or red sauce

notacooldad Tue 22-Oct-19 12:30:29

I like cream cheese ( like Philadelphia) with walnuts and finely chopped dates on a seeded bread

Mashed avocado , soft cheese and chilli flakes on a seeded bread is lovely.

noodlenosefraggle Wed 23-Oct-19 12:10:48

I don't do that many sandwiches now due to the boring fillings. I do more couscous salad, veggies and dips and my kids favourites, Aldi veggie pasties and sausage rolls. The curried cauliflower ones are delicious!

Serin Sun 27-Oct-19 19:59:45

My swiss granny used to make a very thin omelette with herbs and cheese and use this as a sandwich filler.
Chopped egg and chives.
Cucumber, Feta, tomato and olives.

Boots20 Sun 27-Oct-19 20:15:38

Cucumber & cheese
Sun dried tomatoe & hummus
Peanut butter & jam
Hummus on warm pitta bread
Bagel with peanut butter & banana

BellaVida Sun 27-Oct-19 20:20:50

So many tasty veggie options. Some of my favourites below:
Pesto & mozarella
Sliced Quorn with red pepper & spinach
Beetroot & feta
Falafel, lettuce, tomato, cucumber & tzaziki
Sundried tomato paste & black olives
Grilled halloumi, courgette & roasted peppers
Cream cheese with caremalised onion
Spanish tortilla with green peppers & mayo

upaladderagain Sun 27-Oct-19 20:37:25

Humous with thin slivers of raw red pepper. The contrast of squish and scrunch is bliss.

upaladderagain Sun 27-Oct-19 20:39:08

... also Paxo stuffing (cooked and cold) with cranberry sauce. Fake Xmas dinner.

smoresmores Sun 27-Oct-19 20:41:46

If you're not apposed to Quorn: Quorn chicken, hummus and rocket on whole meal bread is lovely.

yearinyearout Sun 27-Oct-19 21:06:30

Roasted veg (peppers, courgette, red onion) with goats cheese.
Grated cheddar mixed with grated carrot, onion and salad cream.

Bluesheep8 Mon 28-Oct-19 06:13:26

Another vote for hummus and roast veg.

sashh Mon 28-Oct-19 06:35:29

Tomato or cucumber, although they don't travel well with ordinary bread, wraps are better.


Cheese and onion.

Coleslaw, on its own or with cheese.


Pittas bread with humus and salad.

DonPablo Mon 28-Oct-19 06:40:43

Morrisons and Holland and barret sell sage and onion slices. Delicious!

Cheese and pickle or cheese salad

Falafel and hummus with grated carrot, lettuce and hummus. And a bit of mango chutney.

Onion bhaji and mint yoghurt.

Wensley Dale and carrot chutney (a home made version of the M and S sarnie)

Brie and crannberry

BikeRunSki Mon 28-Oct-19 06:43:51

Hummus, grated carrot and spinach
Blue cheese, spinach, avocado and tomato
Grilled halloumi
Peanut butter and marmite
Mushroom pate (I get Tartex from the Health Food Shop).
Scrambled egg/omelette, less smelly than hard boiled
Other nut butters

ShiningInTheDark Mon 28-Oct-19 08:47:31

Tomato, mozzarella, basil and mayo. Sometimes add avocado too.

SummerintoAutumn Mon 28-Oct-19 08:52:18

Houmous with red onion

Branleuse Mon 28-Oct-19 08:56:51

Hummous and pickled beetroot

Sliced roasted sweet potato as good as a filling too with other stuff, such as pickled red cabbage, saurkraut, cheese or vegan cheese, rocket, spinach. Vegetarian pate, marmite and cucumber

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