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Going away for 2 weeks and need suggestions on what to pre-cook/freeze for dh and 2 kids (5.5 and 3)...

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MrsBigD Wed 15-Aug-07 20:01:35

so that they don't survive on tinned spaghetti and toast or egg and toast or fish & chips...

The only thing I can currently think of is to prepare/freeze bolognese sauce. Have already stocked up on frozen veggies that can be microwaved hence minimum effort for dh . He's being good enough to let me go away for 2 weeks on my own so am trying to make it as uncomplicated for him as possible.

Any recommendations highly appreciated.

Will already sort out milk man so that milk gets delivered every morning or so to save dh having to lug that back from town as ds and dh go through heaps and dh doesn't drive... and to get to major supermarket here you have to drive...


MrsBigD Wed 15-Aug-07 21:15:01


dolally Wed 15-Aug-07 21:25:38

blimey 2 weeks! you lucky thing!

Last time I went away (for 3 days!) I typed up a kind of daily itinerary of what was in the fridge/freezer, suggested meals, what plans the kids had, where he had to take them at what time... etc... I stuck it to the fridge. DH said afterwards it was v useful...god knows what he would have done with the kids without it..probably survived quite well actually but still...

You could add useful phone numbers etc..

As for food, get him the phone number and menu of the local home delivery chinese or pizza or whatever?

Can you order online with your local supermarket?

alucard Wed 15-Aug-07 21:33:42

fish pie
shepards pie
beef with potatoes on top (have good recipie if you're interested)

I bulk cook and freeze these all the time and cook them from frozen

MrsBigD Thu 16-Aug-07 09:21:38

dolally was planning on leaving list of all emergency numbers and also notify kind neighbours to keep an eye on him Have heaps of delivery places menues but want to avoid that kids live on that for 2 weeks as it would result in major grumpy/hyper dd and ds iykwim

alucard yes please to recipe for the 'hotpot'

alucard Thu 16-Aug-07 14:30:33

1.5kg beef- shin or something like that
olive oil
beef stock cube
2x330ml cans stout
400g shallots
3 carrots-in sticks
400g button mushrooms
200ml creme fraiche
600ml milk
3tsp horseraddish sauce
1.25kg potatoes sliced.

Obviously these quantities are not set in stone

Dust beef with flour
Fry in batches
Return to pan with stout and stock cube
Simmer for 1h 15min
Add shallots carrots and mushrooms
Cook for 30min
Tip into shallow ovenproof dish. cool.

Pour creme fraiche milk and horseraddish into large pan. Boil
Add potatoes and simmer for 15 mins
Leave to cool
Cover beef with potatoes and spoon on rest of mixture.
Cover and freeze.

I cook it from frozen on a lowish temp for ages.

Quantities will probably make 2 meals for family of 4.

amidaiwish Thu 16-Aug-07 15:10:47

for freezer:
chicken and pasta bake

can you do an online shop and have things delivered once a week whilst you're away?

some other easy ideas for him that my dh can do fairly easily:
- jacket potatoes with tuna / grated cheese / grated carrot
- roast chicken (waitrose & M&S both have one that all you have to do is open the wrapper and put straight in the oven) - then this can do quite a few meals/lunches.
- fish fingers etc...
- cook a packet of new potatoes and leave in the fridge. then when needed put a few in the oven with whatever else to roast
- peel carrots, cucumber, red pepper, mini tomatoes, chopped apple, dried apricots & raisins, humous + chunks of cheese, chicken, crusty bread = very easy nutritious fresh meal or snacks
- apple juice cartons/innocent smoothies
- bananas

MrsBigD Thu 16-Aug-07 17:59:31

thanks ladies I knew mn would be a well of information... keep it coming! LOL

melsy Thu 16-Aug-07 18:14:54

wow 2 weeks , I was allowed 4 days ! and even then I got grief , meanwhile HRH got 2 weeks twice after dd1 was born 4yrs ago. Where are you going??

I do an easy one pot chicken veg tomatoey thing that the kids love.

6 chicken thighs
4 potaoes sort of chipped shaped with skin on
carrots cut into pieces
chopped green olives
can of tomatoes
half tin of tomatoe paste
cooking wine

fry carrots , celery and onions together in a pot on hob
add garlic , bit dont brown just sweat
remove from pot and brown chicken
add back in veg
add in all the liquids/rest of wet ingredients
bring to boil
simmer for an hour
add olives

another one is done with lamb neck, spices , red cooking wine and tats , very yum and unusual.

2 packet lamb neck , cut into bite size peices
potatoes in small cubes
whole shallots
small new potatoes
cinamon powder 2 tsp
and any other warm spice that you like
sugar or honey 2 tsp
red cooking wine
tblsp tomatoe paste
beef stock

fry shallots, carrots and potatoes
brown lamb neck
add back in rest of ingredients
bring to boil (to cook off alcohol)
put into oven and cook for 2 hrs low heat

Im sure theres other things I make, cant think right now.

MrsBigD Thu 16-Aug-07 19:00:05

Thanks melsy have to admit I've never used lambsneck before should be interesting.

going on a Miami/Carribbean cruise with my mother ... dh lets me to to keep her happy and to proof her wrong re her disliking him... long story...

melsy Thu 16-Aug-07 19:53:09

ohmygawd IM sooo jealous , what bliss to be away with no one haranguing you , sunbathing and reading time, visitng sites without buggies, eating and not having food nabbed of your plate, ooh feel guilty now , love my girls to bits,but you know how it is. I did NY with my mum and sisters and cried all the way , what a silly women !!!

amidaiwish Thu 16-Aug-07 20:14:15

more ideas for freezer:
macaroni cheese
macaroni cheese with broccoli
macaroni cheese with cod and peas

(my kids like macaroni cheese!)

different pasta sauces, then all he has to do is defrost, cook pasta, add sauce - heat and grate some cheese on the top

he could try making -
quesadillas: dry fry a tortilla, add some tomato puree (or chopped fresh tomatoes), some grated cheese, shredded chicken - fold over, cut into triangles and serve!

MrsBigD Thu 16-Aug-07 20:25:53

melsy mum mum is the haranguing type but on neutral grounds she's bearable ... she's just been to visit and she's only happy when moaning... the things I do for exactly the things you've listed... no need to feel awful about it... I love my children dearly too but not 24/7

Thanks amidaiwish dd only likes the macaroni cheese that come out of a tin LOL

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