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Who wanted a recipe for a Redcurranty Indian chutney?

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Blu Tue 14-Aug-07 20:21:02

Someone did, but I can't remember who. I've just been staying with my MIL who is of Indian background and cooks a lot, and I asked her what it could be.

She thought it could be Tamarind. You can get tamarind - which is a red, sweetbut tangy sort of fruit in Indian and Caribbean markets, and if you googloe 'tamarind Chutney' you get a selection of recipes which do sound like the kind of list of ingredients my MIL rattled off.

I think fresh (or it's sort of stickily dried, a bit like fresh dates, and in big pods and eah fruit has a stone) tamarind would be a pain to use - someone once brought me a jar of tamarind jelly from Trinidad, which come to think of it was a lot like redcurrant jelly but a bit more spicy.

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