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Leftover Roast Dinner Ideas!!!

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Galaxygirl93 Mon 07-Oct-19 21:08:36

I've started to have roast dinners now the weather is getting colder and enjoying trying different things with the leftovers for once. Please share your ideas here.

We have tried so far:-
-Another Roast! Its only myself and my DH sooo I buy a large chicken, enough veg and yorkshires, store the cooked meat in the fridge for a day and have a roast the day after/2 days after.

-Chicken wraps! This is so quick and easy. Buy some wraps, some salad, reheat the chicken and voila!

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Kirbs1979 Mon 07-Oct-19 21:12:47

Pies, get some ready made pastry (or make your own), you could probably do a soup, use the chicken in a curry or a sweet and sour sauce and do some rice.

Mummybares Mon 07-Oct-19 21:15:49

Chicken soup, stirfry, caesar salad.

Mummybares Mon 07-Oct-19 21:17:21

Chicken paata, chicken couscous, chicken parcels in filo pastry filling chicken summac caramelised onion and toasted pinenuts, chicken topped pizza

JPduck Mon 07-Oct-19 21:18:31


Benjispruce Mon 07-Oct-19 21:19:49

Chicken salad for work lunches is my fave.

Bcnamechanger Mon 07-Oct-19 21:22:57

Chez BC leftover lamb becomes moussaka (hfw recipe from the meat book) and beef becomes beef and mushroom stroganoff.

Leftover chicken is a mumsnet fallacy.

MintedLamb Mon 07-Oct-19 21:24:16

I usually curry leftover chicken and turn leftover veg into bubble and squeak, my fave! Served with a fried egg on top!

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Mon 07-Oct-19 21:27:35

Cold chicken with bubble and squeak.

I do extra roast potatoes and parsnips with the roast, plus extra stuffing and sprouts, and the next day, I chop it all up fairly finely, fry some sliced onions, then add the mix of all the other stuff and fry it until it is deeply golden brown with crunchy bits.

I have it with cold chicken and cold bread sauce, dh has his with the cold chicken and hot, leftover gravy.

It works with cold roast pork too.

Sockworkshop Mon 07-Oct-19 21:28:04

Make large Yorkshires,stuff with roast dinner and freeze individually .
Absolutely brilliant when you are short of time.
Make gravy and do some veg and dinner is ready!

BikeRunSki Mon 07-Oct-19 21:28:38

Use the left over meat and veg as pasty fillings

IceniSky Mon 07-Oct-19 21:31:53

Curry the chicken and bubble and squeak the veg. I always cook more.

Or I'll honey roast the veg and stick in a roasted root veg frittata the next, with a salad and salad cream or pickle!

huskyvoice Mon 07-Oct-19 21:47:06

Nigella cookbooks tend to have good recipes for what to do with leftovers. I've made her chicken noodle soup after a chicken roast and it was tasty.

Go to homemade dishes for leftover meat here are:

Special fried rice or noodles (onions, garlic, whatever veg and meat were with dinner along with the chosen carbs, soy sauce and usually for me sweet chilli sauce as well, although I have been known to do it properly in the past with Chinese rice wine etc and it was way better, this is my less than 10 minutes after school gobble up guaranteed dinner for the boys.

Generic pasta bake with leftover chicken (white sauce, bit of mascarpone, rosemary, stuffing sprinkled on top as a crumb).

Cold cuts, salad and chips 😋

Also agree with pp about soups, also have chucked leftover roasted meat into vegetable based risottos.

Will also say that the best thing I like with leftover roast dinner is slapping it all between two slices of bread, all warmed up, with a drizzle of bisto jus on top 👌

theemmadilemma Mon 07-Oct-19 21:51:49

Left over chicken, veg and gravy mixed to go in pies.
Left overs as above with cut up left over roast pots reheated with gravy like a stew served in a yorkshire pudding bowl

MsMustDoBetter Mon 07-Oct-19 21:51:57

Soup and sandwiches?

longtompot Mon 07-Oct-19 21:56:58

I made pie with left over chicken and veg from yesterdays roast. I have also made a version of stovies with roast pork.

AdaColeman Mon 07-Oct-19 21:57:40

Chicken with white wine sauce & served with rice
Pasta Alfredo
Chicken and leek or ham or mushroom pie
Chicken and mushroom or asparagus risotto

Cold roast pork with beans and fried potatoes
Pork and beans
Pork noodle soup
Pork chow mien or special rice

Lamb pasties with left over gravy & diced vegetables
Lamb hot pot or stovies or cobbler with a scone topping.

cdtaylornats Mon 07-Oct-19 22:06:34


Galaxygirl93 Mon 07-Oct-19 22:42:15

All these suggestions are making me hungry!!

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gamerchick Mon 07-Oct-19 22:44:36

Curry, bubble and squeak. Pie. Same as above really grin

I'm hungry now.

SnackBadger Mon 07-Oct-19 22:48:49

Cook a pancake batter mix in a shallow baking tray, this will result in a flatish Yorkshire pudding. Smoother in horseradish and fill with leftover beef. Make a thick gravy for dipping sauce. Nothing will ever beat this!

SnackBadger Mon 07-Oct-19 22:50:09

Sorry you are meant to make a beef and Yorkshire wrap and dip in the thick gravy. It’s bliss.

30to50FeralHogs Mon 07-Oct-19 22:59:52

I put the chicken carcass on to cook after we’ve finished eating and stripped off the meat. Then use this along with the potatoes, a carrots, greens etc to make a soup. It’s nice with a bit of bread sauce and sage & onion stuffing stirred in too, for flavour and thickening.

30to50FeralHogs Mon 07-Oct-19 23:00:13

Sorry that should say to make stock.

StealingYourWiFi Tue 08-Oct-19 12:04:06

Make extra everything. Potatoes, parsnips, carrots, peas etc. Then make it into a leftovers pie. We usually have a creamy sauce with chicken and then top with ready roll puff. You can serve with whatever veg isn’t in the pie, gravy etc

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