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Making chutney

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BlueCowWonders Mon 07-Oct-19 16:44:38

Does anyone have a good resource for chutney? I don't really want a recipe, more a beginner's guide where I can ad lib a bit.
Thank you!

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ChaosMoon Wed 09-Oct-19 00:04:03

I made this one today and it's delicious -

It's nice because it doesn't make huge quantities. So you can have a play around and then scale up when you have a flavour combination you like.

BlueCowWonders Wed 09-Oct-19 10:02:44

Thank you! That's exactly what I've been looking for smile

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sashh Wed 09-Oct-19 10:07:12

I make an easy mango chutney that does about a jar.

2 mangoes, one peeled both chopped
a handful of raisins

Get the jar you are going to use, half fill with sugar, then our into a pan,so the same with vinegar.

Andthe fruit to the pan with any spies you like and cook on low until, well until you get chutney - you can draw a wooden spoon across the bottom of the pan and the 'trail' stays dry.

SalemSpellman Wed 09-Oct-19 10:17:49

@sashh this sounds brilliant, which type of vinegar do you use?

magimedi Wed 09-Oct-19 10:29:25

I've been making chutney for years (am v.v. old!) & one tip I would give is always start by warming the sugar & vinegar alone until the sugar dissolves.

Lots of recipes say to add all the other stuff at the same time & it is then much easier for the sugar to catch on the bottom of the pan.

BlueCowWonders Wed 09-Oct-19 13:07:18

Good point Magimedi - jam recipes often tell you to warm the sugars first so I'll do the same with my chutney making.

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sashh Wed 09-Oct-19 13:54:06

I use prickling vinegar

magimedi Wed 09-Oct-19 16:02:52

Pickling vinegar already has some spices added to it. I use it for pickled onions but for other pickles I use cider vinegar.

sashh Thu 10-Oct-19 03:35:24


I add spicestopickledonions do they are double spicef,but top them off with raspberry vinegar - try it.

Gotthetshirt23 Thu 10-Oct-19 04:08:04

Any pickled onion recipes ?
Apologies for hi jacking

magimedi Thu 10-Oct-19 07:55:20

Sashh That sounds lovely. No longer make pickled onions as I'm the only one who likes them & they give me awful indigestion these days!

THIS is very similar to the recipe I use but make sure the vinegar/spice mix is cold before adding it to the onions or they won't be crunchy.

PurpleDaisies Thu 10-Oct-19 07:58:38

This is a really nice one, especially for Christmas time.

sashh Thu 10-Oct-19 09:17:17


It was an accident the first time, I'd done a batch and ran out of pickling vinegar, it was all I had in the house.


Try Delia Smith. Then adapt it.

ByeByeMissAmericanPie Thu 10-Oct-19 09:20:13

River Cottage has a ’Glutney’ Recipe which gives lots of alternatives for substitutes.

Good tip about the sugar and vinegar MagiMedi

ByeByeMissAmericanPie Thu 10-Oct-19 09:21:21

Have just made quince paste.
Do not make it if you’re in a hurry! It took me 3 goes yesterday to get it reduced down.

magimedi Thu 10-Oct-19 09:46:21

There are some nice chutneys on THIS thread

BlueCowWonders Fri 11-Oct-19 18:25:21

I've just (just this minute!) made the Nigel Slater tomato chutney
Started by dissolving the sugar
But it took so much longer than the recipe - not the hour it said but probably double that before it got to the gloopy stage.
But last question for now - how long to keep it before it tastes right? (Min? I'm sure the max is pretty open)
Thank you 😊

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magimedi Fri 11-Oct-19 22:20:23

I haven't made that particular chutney, but I reckon that 4 weeks is the bare minimum before you start to eat your chutney & 6/8 weeks even better.

If you eat them too early they will taste really 'vinegary' - the vinegar mellows as it keeps.

I have often eaten chutney that is 3 years old & it's been lovely.

RickOShay Fri 11-Oct-19 22:23:28

I just love prickling vinegar grin
Any good apple chutney ideas?

BlueCowWonders Tue 26-May-20 14:13:43

Coming back to this thread to say thanks again to @ChaosMoon and @magimedi
The Nigel Slater recipe was all right at Christmas- 2 months after i made it. But it's really lovely now, 7 months in! All mellowed together and delicious
We're now nearly at the end though so I'll need to find another recipe to add to my collection til I have green tomatoes again.

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ChaosMoon Tue 26-May-20 14:44:03

Oh good! I found a forgotten jar the other day. I must crack it open.

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