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so, ladies, tell me what you and your family have had for your evening meal

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lizandlulu Mon 13-Aug-07 19:36:06

i need some inspiration please.

FluffyMummy123 Mon 13-Aug-07 19:37:05

Message withdrawn

foxinsocks Mon 13-Aug-07 19:37:27

kids have had roast chicken, new potatoes, green beans and carrots then a piece of chocolate cake (we had friends round so I made more of an effort than normal!).

I'll eat a bit later.

nightshade Mon 13-Aug-07 19:38:40

home made lentil and tomato soup, toasted pitta with olives, cheese and sun-dried tomatoes..... basically the left overs of teh fridge!

sallystrawberry Mon 13-Aug-07 19:39:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bubble99 Mon 13-Aug-07 19:39:28

Roast chicken, roasted new pots in garlic and olive oil (not for me, though) broccoli, carrots and sprouts (for me) plus gravy.

The DCs are having apples now in front of a film.

tassisssss Mon 13-Aug-07 19:39:35

not at all inspiring - pasta with pesto, cream, sweetcorn and cheese

were going to have something else, but dh has his beloved circuit class tonight and couldn't wait for anything over than pasta to cook or it'd be too near exercising!

sallystrawberry Mon 13-Aug-07 19:40:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

puffylovett Mon 13-Aug-07 19:40:20

chicken breast with new potatoes, broccoli and a medley of roast veg inc toms, mushrooms, peppers, squash and swede - using everything up plus it's mega easy to shove it in the oven and leave it for half an hour !

bristols Mon 13-Aug-07 19:41:24

DS had rice pudding with apple and pear (is 11 months)

We're having Chicken Cordon Bleu with home grown potatoes and Carrots. Not very inspiring but it's Monday and I'm tired!

paulaplumpbottom Mon 13-Aug-07 19:41:28

we just had spagetti with fresh tomatos and basil and fresh parmesan scattered through it. We also had a sliced french stick. We then had strawberries and a scoop of vanilla icecream for pudding

brimfull Mon 13-Aug-07 19:41:28

chicken tikka
brown rice

oxocube Mon 13-Aug-07 19:42:05

spag bol for kids, goats cheese pizza for me

Othersideofthechannel Mon 13-Aug-07 19:51:25

charentais melon
home made pumpkin, potato and carrot soup (neighbour has a glut of pumpkin from her veg patch)
wholemeal bread
plum crumble and custard

don't usually have starters and pud on a Monday night but we forgot to eat the melon yesterday and the plum crumble was leftovers

Bewilderbeast Mon 13-Aug-07 19:53:16

we're having roast chicken, new potatoes, corn on the cob and maybe some sugar snap peas

MarsLady Mon 13-Aug-07 19:55:02

pasta with bacon and cream!

onlyWotz Mon 13-Aug-07 19:55:18

dominos piza in about 60mins

(and counting)

dds already been fed healthy food at MILs

DaphneHarvey Mon 13-Aug-07 20:00:47

We had roasted red yellow and orange peppers, courgettes, red onion and garlic, stirred into cous cous, roasted chicken thighs, peas for the DCs and dark green salad leaves for DH and I, plus Tzatziki, just because I love it so. Followed by strawberries.

MaloryTowersHasManners Mon 13-Aug-07 20:02:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sprogstersmum Mon 13-Aug-07 20:04:56

Chicken 'kebabs' - cubed chicken breast marinaded in yogurt, lime juice, and chilli on skewers, tomato risotto and broccolli. DD (2y) only ate the risotto.

Heathcliffscathy Mon 13-Aug-07 20:09:26

and WHAT made the gravy so fab malory? do tell?

MaloryTowersHasManners Mon 13-Aug-07 20:10:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lizandlulu Mon 13-Aug-07 20:10:50

they all sound delish!!! god i could murder some plum crumble now!! i had a chicken satay ready meal as our kitchen is in the middle of being taken out and it looks like a bomb site!

Heathcliffscathy Mon 13-Aug-07 20:11:44

cool. thought you might have some kind of secret squirrel amazing tip.

nice wine by any chance with your meal?

Donk Mon 13-Aug-07 20:12:09

Spicy sausage and bean casserole with boiled potatoes and braised cabbage

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