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Canadian Thanksgiving

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ItsJustTheOneSwanActually Wed 09-Oct-19 19:36:27

I'll be doing a teeny version of it as we're doing a bit of DIY this weekend, so no-one coming for dinner. I will also make the xmas cake.

Happy thanksgiving!

Simonsaysitschristmas Tue 08-Oct-19 17:15:12

We are celebrating! Pumpkin soup for starters and then turkey with all the trimmings. Pumpkin pie for dessert of course! Can’t wait!

Ornery Mon 07-Oct-19 05:20:42

Dd1 is coming home for the weekend 😊 we’ll be doing turkey and all the trimmings and she has also asked for egg custard along with the pumpkin pie 😊
We are planning to make the Christmas cake on Saturday as she’s my baking progeny...

welshy2240 Mon 07-Oct-19 05:13:59

We’ll be celebrating next weekend! Haven’t decided on a menu yet though

sam221 Mon 07-Oct-19 05:08:32

Firstly Happy Thanksgiving! Have you considered doing poutine, simple and tasty. Maple glaze on the turkey I have been told by all the meat eaters in my world, is delicious.
Maple based fudge is super easy and great after dinner with coffee.

kateandme Mon 07-Oct-19 01:09:37

my mum friends say they have sweet potatos.and corn. and fall with bacon and maple) mashed cabbage.Nanaimo tarts or pies.

Normandy144 Sun 06-Oct-19 20:39:29

Any Canadians out there celebrating Thanksgiving next weekend? I usually do a thread and then there's tumbleweed as most people think of the US holiday later in November.
I'm doing a big feast, turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes (American style although probably without marshmallows) and pumpkin pie. Looking for some other sides and some regular potato dishes and salads.
Any inspiration welcome!

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