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Cheap, vegetarian and BLW friendly recipes needed!

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iwanttomoooove Thu 03-Oct-19 13:10:54

I’m pretty broke for the month so desperately need healthy food for DD (7 months) me and DH.

Any suggestions? DD has food at her childminders on a Wednesday, Thursday & Friday so the food doesn’t necessarily need to be healthy those days grin just cheap and vegetarian!

(I should add that DD isn’t a vegetarian- just I am)

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AtleastitsnotMonday Thu 03-Oct-19 14:00:49

Root veg stew
Homemade bean burgers
Stuffed mushrooms
Baked sweet potato with bean chilli

Ricekrispie22 Thu 03-Oct-19 16:54:50

Lentil loaf (served with mash and veggie gravy for you and Dh)
Cheese pancakes
Savoury cheese pudding and veg
Cheese and tomato bread and butter pudding Either omit the ham for your section of it, or omit it entirely.

Constantsarechanging Thu 03-Oct-19 17:02:59

Being a vegetarian doesn't have to complicate things, pasta with pesto/sauce, veg on the side or mixed through - peas/broccoli/sweetcorn/carrots... Baked potato with cheese/beans/salad.. quiche, fajitas(veg/Quorn), soup, couscous/veg/beans/lentils...

AMAM8916 Thu 03-Oct-19 17:31:09

Hi, a few veggie meals for you that are under £3 to make and will feed 3 people.

Cheese and onion quiche with salad and baby potatoes. Your DD can have the quiche and some potatoes chopped up with cucumber sricks. Quiche £1.20, baby potatoes 70p, salad leaves 80p, half a cucumber 30p

Tomato pasta with peppers and garlic bread. Your DD can have that as you would. Pasta 80p, tinned tomatoes 30p, peppers (3) 80p, garlic bread 50p then season with salt, pepper, dried oregano

Bean chilli with rice. 2 cans of baked beans 60p, can of kidney beans 40p, chilli powder 65p, ketchup 59p, box of boil in the bag rice x4 bags (you'll only need 2) 95p. You could mix some heated baked beans, kidney beans and ketchup through rice for your DD and serve like chilli con carne for you and DH

Bombay potato curry, rice and naan bread. 3 baked potatoes 90p, tikka masala jar sauce mild £1, a large onion 30p, naan bread (2) 49p and rice left from the chilli as you only used 2 bags. Your DD could have the curry as it's mild with rice and a bit of naan

Veggie lasagne. Peppers (3) 80p, large onion 30p, cherry tomatoes 50p, lasagne sheets 49p, tinned tomatoes 30p, cheap white sauce 60p. Mash up for DD to have

Veggie bangers, mash and peas. Veggie sausages £1.50, bag of potatoes £1, tin of peas 40p (or peas from the freezer if you have). Ideal for BLW

I have loads more. These will all be under £3 and the ingredients would be from asda

chocolatespiders Thu 03-Oct-19 17:32:43

Coconut and chickpea curry.
Are you on Instagram?

iwanttomoooove Fri 04-Oct-19 10:49:42

Thanks all!

These all sound amazing. Especially the lentil loaf.

I’m not on Instagram - are there more recipes on there?

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