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please assess my dds diet fir today........

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MaloryTowersHasManners Sun 12-Aug-07 18:14:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

smeeinit Sun 12-Aug-07 18:16:31

bet dd wont be in bed very early tonite!! sugar high!

MaloryTowersHasManners Sun 12-Aug-07 18:17:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SlightlyMadSpider Sun 12-Aug-07 18:18:59

You mean no sausage rolls or fruit shoots. I am shocked at you - what kind of mother are you

aloha Sun 12-Aug-07 18:20:44

I did say to dh the other day, 'when did the dc's last have any green vegetables?'

MaloryTowersHasManners Sun 12-Aug-07 18:21:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Carmenere Sun 12-Aug-07 18:30:12

right well dd had a cheese sandwich for breakfast followed by a doughnut with pink icing. and she had some apple juice and then a piece of bacon.
then she had an ice lolly and then some smked salmon on brown bread and another ice lolly and some more apple juice and tonight she will have some lamb and potatoes. If she decides to eat them. I don't care, she has a decent diet 95% of the time it won't kill her to have mostly rubish today.

burstingbug Sun 12-Aug-07 18:33:15

DS1 found my Microgynon and ate 12!!!
NHS direct said he'd be fine

GoingThroughChanges Sun 12-Aug-07 18:37:28

Mine have had eggs & bacon for brekkie. (well brunch really)

Then they had ice-cream with sprinkles & a flake from the ice-cream van at the park.

They have just have oven chips & some chicken with a slice of bread & tomatoes

They are for bed soon... I often wonder if they eat enough.

GoingThroughChanges Sun 12-Aug-07 18:38:01


Hope they are right!!!

burstingbug Sun 12-Aug-07 19:09:25

I hope so too, they said they were low toxicity. May cause bleeding in girls.

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