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jamie's sausage ragu

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willukee Sun 12-Aug-07 18:13:36

did anyone note down the recipe for the oven baked sausage ragu on jamie olivers new programme this week- jamie at home.have ingredients but can't remember times and oven temps etc. may have to just make it up....

lilymolly Sun 12-Aug-07 21:16:22

me I am cooking it tommorow, i have forgotton, be here goes!!!

Heat olive oil in oven proof dish
add tomatoes, garlic
cook in oven for 15? mins
remove skins from tomatoes
add sausages, basil, thyme olive oil,
then I plan to slow roast for about 1 hour on around 150/180 degrees?
I will them serve them with rice/potatoes

Does that sound about right?

lilymolly Sun 12-Aug-07 21:21:56

oh forgot the pancetta fried in the pan at the begininng

Slubberdegullion Tue 14-Aug-07 21:44:51

Hello there willukee

<<waves wildly at first RL crossover MN friend>>.

See you did get a reply...Oh Ye of little faith.

I would also like to request that you cook DH and I that dish next time we are know how much we love sausages.

willukee Wed 15-Aug-07 18:26:07

thanks for recipe- i did attempt my own version which was not cooked for quite as long but v hot oven. worked quite well but will try the slower roast method next time- also forgot the thyme but added fresh oregano from my garden- jamie would be soo impressed and it was v tasty too!
hi slubber- will note your request for our next evening soiree!!

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