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What's nicer: plain apple crumble or with other fruit & bits added?

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sergeantmajor Thu 26-Sep-19 11:47:53

I'm wavering between whether I should make apple crumble, or apple + plum crumble. And then I got distracted by thoughts of sultanas in the mix and nuts in the crumb. It's for a special occasion.

What combination of fruits etc do you think is the nicest?

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Unshriven Thu 26-Sep-19 11:50:45

Just plain, with a bit of brown sugar in the crumble maybe.

My taste in pudding tends to hark back to my school days though.

Jolonglegs Thu 26-Sep-19 11:51:34

Blackberry and apple crumble everytime for us.

AwdBovril Thu 26-Sep-19 11:54:04

Apple with spices (ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg etc) , or apple & blackberry. I usually put oats in the crumble topping, it makes the flavour & texture really nice. And I always use brown sugar with apples or pears.

Wallabyone Thu 26-Sep-19 11:57:36

I like apple with a bit of cinnamon, but I prefer plum on its own, not with apple.
I made a delicious apricot crumble, with flakes almonds and demerara sugar in the crumble and everyone loved it.

TheDuchessofDukeStreet Thu 26-Sep-19 11:59:54

Apple and raspberry.

yearinyearout Thu 26-Sep-19 12:00:44

I love it with raspberries 😋

FreezerBird Thu 26-Sep-19 12:02:56

Can I put in a word for apple with a spoonful of mincemeat stirred through? I did this once for a Christmas dessert for someone who doesn't like Christmas pudding and it was a massive success.

AnnaMagnani Thu 26-Sep-19 12:17:55

Delia apple crumble with the crumble made of almonds, sultanas in with the apples and a bit of alcohol thrown in.

I use the crumble from this recipe but then any apples will do, no need for Bramleys. Spices help a lot.

Real custard made with double cream ultimate win.

MaitlandGirl Thu 26-Sep-19 12:28:06

Whatever you decide to do make sure that you double the quantity of crumble mix (and make a spare on to eat cold the next day when the edge of the crumble is all chewy!!)

I’m loving the sound of the apple and raspberry.

Lisette1940 Thu 26-Sep-19 12:33:45

Lovely ideas here OP. Personally I prefer apple with spice. But there must be custard, there definitely must be piping hot custard! 😋

Hope your occasion goes well.

sergeantmajor Thu 26-Sep-19 15:37:08

Thank you for great suggestions. Custard of course is the best bit. Another question:
What sort of apples work best? I was thinking cooking apples for a bit of background mush and another type of apple for pieces that hold their shape? Or am I overthinking this? smile

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AwdBovril Thu 26-Sep-19 19:32:37

I made apple crumble the other day, & I usually pre-cook the apples slightly so I don't have to do it all at once. Only, I cooked them too long... so I made it with the accidental apple puree, plus I added some more apples raw, mixed through the puree. Nice combination of textures. Plus, very easy to prepare in advance.

AwdBovril Thu 26-Sep-19 19:35:21

A lot of English /European apple varieties work well - cox, russet, granny smiths are particularly good, I find they keep their shape slightly better than Bramleys, which I like if I want them cooked right down.

HalfManHalfLabrador Thu 26-Sep-19 19:42:27


yearinyearout Thu 26-Sep-19 19:51:09

I always use Granny Smiths, no need to add sugar and I don't bother stewing them before baking, I just slice them quite thinly so they cook through.

PickAChew Thu 26-Sep-19 20:00:03

I'd make apple or plum. Plum and ginger crumble is lovely.

I often add flaked almonds or chopped pecans to a crumble mix.

MitziK Thu 26-Sep-19 20:06:22

Apple and blackberry, peach and raspberry, apricot and blueberry, rhubarb and strawberry. Don't pollute the fruit with raisins or sultanas. Save them for bread pudding.

AriadneO Thu 26-Sep-19 20:09:20

Apple and rhubarb is my favourite, and apple and anything tart also works. I second a PP's suggestion of cinnamon/spice mix.

I also tried apple and peach one time and it was surprisingly delicious.

Definitely use bramley apple. I used gala one time as I had too many and it was NOT OK - too sweet, no tang, and funny texture.

sproutsandparsnips Thu 26-Sep-19 20:10:18

If you can get them black currants are lovely. Need plenty of sugar though.

horse4course Thu 26-Sep-19 20:10:53

Pear and ginger. Oats in the crumble so it's like hob nobby.

handmademitlove Thu 26-Sep-19 20:14:22

Peach and raspberry crumble..

ExpletiveDelighted Thu 26-Sep-19 20:18:07

Apple and blackberry
Rhubarb and sultanas
Oats in the crumble, demerara sugar sprinkled over.

Never cinnamon.

Rachelover60 Thu 26-Sep-19 20:27:50

Apple and blackberry is lovely.

RatherBeAScummerThanASkate Thu 26-Sep-19 20:28:06

With blackberry. Never Rhubarb 🤢

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