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Let's get the slow cookers out!

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mummydummyabc Tue 24-Sep-19 21:30:43

It's September! The weather is definitely starting to feel autumnal! It's slow cooker season! So far I have made pork roast, spaghetti Bol, sausage casserole and chicken casserole. Any other recommendations or easy recipes?

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Taxtaxtax Tue 24-Sep-19 21:35:27

Following for inspiration!

I’ve done beef/chicken stew, Bolognese and chicken fajitas so far.

Ricekrispie22 Wed 25-Sep-19 05:02:22

Moroccan lamb stew
Jerk chicken

mummydummyabc Wed 25-Sep-19 06:41:41

Ooo chicken fajitas sound nice, where did you get the recipe?

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Taxtaxtax Wed 25-Sep-19 07:13:28

They are good! I’m going to give the jerk chicken a go!

CaptainMyCaptain Wed 25-Sep-19 07:17:43

Last night I had pork, leek and butternut squash casserole in mine. It was delicious.

MotherForkinShirtBalls Wed 25-Sep-19 07:25:45

Can anyone post the recipes they used please?

Chilledout11 Wed 25-Sep-19 07:26:11

How do you make spag bol without it going mushy ?

I tend to cook braised steak (place about four pieces of meat veg and new potatoes halved- add in oxtaik soup)

Chrestomanci3 Wed 25-Sep-19 07:27:25

I've just got one, so am joining for inspiration. We've had rainbow minestrone and a coconut curry. Both were good. We have one vegetarian in the family, and the rest don't eat much meat, so I'm looking for more veggie ideas. I have an Italian vegetable bake and a butternut squash soup planned for this week.

CaptainMyCaptain Wed 25-Sep-19 08:02:03

Mine wasn't a recipe as such. I just browned the pork cubes in a wok then threw in a sliced leek and big chunks of squash. Put it all in the slow cooker and heated up a small amount of water (about a cupful) in the wok to pick up all the juicy bits from the pan, added a Knorr chicken stock pot and that's it.

I would also like some non meat recipes. I often make a stew with whatever vegetables are around, a tin of beans of some kind, tin of tomatoes and either a stock pot or a tin of anchovies which dissolve into the liquid. I know anchovies count as meat but husband is a pescatarian so that's OK in our house.

SweetPeaPods Wed 25-Sep-19 09:30:01

Following for recipes. I would love to use our slow cooker more. The only thing I really make in it is beef and ale casserole - braising steak with a bottle of beer, an onion, a carrot and a beef stock cube cooked for ages on low. But would like more one pot dishes where I don’t then need to come home and cook the mash etc.

tonimialewisx Wed 25-Sep-19 09:34:41

@Chilledout11 do you add anything else in the braised steak and how many does that feed x

PinkDaydreams Wed 25-Sep-19 11:10:07

Has anyone cooked a whole chicken in the slow cooker?
I did a joint of beef on Sunday but it went terribly hard which I was disappointed with. I’ve done it once before and it was beautiful, fell to pieces and was so soft. No idea why it went wrong on Sunday.

chocolatesaltyballs22 Wed 25-Sep-19 11:17:23

Following for inspiration. Made this last week and it was delivious, even my picky stepson wolfed it down. No need for browning, just chuck it all in. I added few extras (mushrooms, peas, chilli flakes).

MotherForkinShirtBalls Wed 25-Sep-19 11:18:30

I've done a veggie curry in mine before. I use whatever paste you like, tin of coconut cream, carton of passat with large chunks of carrots, sweet potato, cauliflower, sweet potato, courgette. Just before dishing up, throw in some frozen peas and cashew nuts.

Lucylou321 Wed 25-Sep-19 11:19:38

Gammon in the slow cooker is amazing! I just chuck a whole joint in.

Also chicken curry and spagbol.

OpiesOldLady Wed 25-Sep-19 11:21:59

I never put any of my slow cookers away - they are used all the time, no matter what the season!

Have a look at slow cooked wonders facebook group - theres over a thousand lovely recipes in the files on there.

CaptainMyCaptain Wed 25-Sep-19 12:22:40

I always brown sausages before putting them in a casserole otherwise they remind me of floppy willies.

I have cooked a whole chicken in a slow cooker, don't put too much liquid in and turn it off before the chicken falls apart. The juice makes beautiful gravy.

Saladd0dger Wed 25-Sep-19 12:28:00

We had a been stew last night. I been using the slow cooker through the summer for fajitas, bbq drumsticks, pulled pork. Got a nice lump of beef to go in this week.

Chrestomanci3 Wed 25-Sep-19 19:28:15

Opies, when you say you never put ANY of yours away - how many do you have? I don't have space in my cupboards so mine is just sitting on the worktop.

anothernamereally Wed 25-Sep-19 19:33:52

Just had beef curry from mine.
Usually do casserole or chilli, occasionally bolognaise - I clearly need inspiration too!

CaptainMyCaptain Wed 25-Sep-19 19:34:24

I have a big one and a small one.

Ihatesandwiches Wed 25-Sep-19 21:58:25

@PinkDaydreams - my family prefer "roast" chicken out of the slow cooker. I just remove as much skin as I can and put it in with a half glass of water and a lemon. Tou need to experiment with time. Old slow cooker, it could be in there 8 hours and lovely, new slow cooker 5 hours max!

OpiesOldLady Wed 25-Sep-19 22:34:02

Um... I have four now. A big 8ltr that i mostly do batch cooking in, a 6ltr for whole chickens and joints or if we're having guests, a 3.5ltr for day to day use and a one ltr for side dishes.

I had a couple more but gave them to family/friends as my family dynamics changed.

Bloodybridget Wed 25-Sep-19 23:10:43

I've made dhal recently which was good, and on Monday I made a very good ragù to use in lasagne. I browned the minced beef and pancetta; onion, garlic, carrot and celery went in raw but chopped very small. Tin of tomatoes, herbs, seasoning, on low for five hours.

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