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Calling all people who like to eat lentils and pulses and the like!

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MaureenMLove Sat 11-Aug-07 17:57:04

You probably won't kow what the hell I'm talking about, but its worth a try! I went to a farm shop in Faversham a few weeks ago and DH bought something called 'searrata'. Its a mixture of pulses and seedy things, of which the only thing I recognise is pearl barley. You use it the same way as rice, but its much more interesting than rice for a salad particularly. Anyway, we only bought one pot and now its all gone and its a long way back to Faversham! Has anyone heard of such a thing OR has anyone got any ideas for making my own 'mix up' of things that might do the trick?

moondog Sun 12-Aug-07 00:02:56

Ooh,sounds interesting?
Couldn't you just throw a few things together yourself?

Aitch Sun 12-Aug-07 00:07:42

oooh, sounds great. i'll be waiting to find out. couldn't you phone the farm shop, maureen?
h x

expatinscotland Sun 12-Aug-07 00:08:22

Mmm, pearl barley.

Heatherslaw Mills is the best for it!

Recognize any of the 'seedy things'?

MaureenMLove Sun 12-Aug-07 09:51:00

Thanks for your help guys. We're not a million miles from this particular shop. but I just know it will involve a visit to the IL's, so any excuse not to go really! I have got their number, so I might try Aitch. I'll keep you posted.

expatinscotland Sun 12-Aug-07 11:00:58

Let us know the name of htis product. Sounds tasty!

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