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Help with English breakfast, please

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madambee Sat 21-Sep-19 14:14:10

Scandi here, need your help with tips on making the perfect British breakfast, please.

We have exported our best bacon to you grin, but I have our version. For the first time I have imported Heinz beans. So trying beans on toast.

Soo having read recipes I know what to do, but do you have any top tips to make it better/perfect. Also what way to prepare the mushroom best?

Any advice much appreciated smile.

HennyPennyHorror Sat 21-Sep-19 14:17:12

Mushrooms should be fried slowly in butter.

Someaddedsugar Sat 21-Sep-19 14:17:40

I fry the mushrooms using butter and black pepper if that helps?

Northernsoullover Sat 21-Sep-19 14:19:46

Do you have cheddar cheese there? I love cheese on toast with beans on top.

HennyPennyHorror Sat 21-Sep-19 14:22:24

So much of it is preference OP. You have to try different things. For example I hate beans on my English breakfast...they taint everything else...and my friend puts tomato sauce on his breakfast...ALL OVER IT. You can't taste the eggs with that crap on it but he loves it like that.

I hate sausages but some people don't think it's a proper breakfast without...I won't eat black pudding either...DH adores it.

My perfect English breakfast is bacon, two fried eggs, fried mushrooms and buttered toast.

Some people would add fried tomatoes, fried bread, black pudding, beans and hash browns (awful American things) but as I say it's preference.

madambee Sat 21-Sep-19 14:23:20

Thanks, re. Mushrooms should they be cooked through and rubbery or just a little on the outside?

Only had them in hotels, so not sure if they were the best (very rubbery grin).

Coffeeandchocolate9 Sat 21-Sep-19 14:25:53

Two friend eggs, always sunny side up yolks soft.

Two good pork sausages
Two rashers bacon
Fried mushrooms
Grilled tomatoes (optional)
Toast (white, proper butter)
Baked beans cooked down, served in a ramekin so they don't touch anything
Fried sliced potatoes good but optional
Tomato sauce or brown sauce
Good coffee or tea grin

AltheaVestr1t Sat 21-Sep-19 14:26:23

Eggs cooked to preference, can be fried, poached or scrambled. Bacon, proper sausages, grilled tomatoes (cut in halves), mushrooms fried in butter, Heinz beans, two rounds of white toast. Maybe a bit of black pudding, if you are going all out. grin

HennyPennyHorror Sat 21-Sep-19 14:30:36

Not rubbery !

madambee Sat 21-Sep-19 14:33:40

Thanks, not sure of the beans either, but we hope to be pleasantly surprised. Everybody talks about it, so it must be delish .

I have Danish kind of bacon, eggs, beans & toast, sausages, mushrooms, and home pickled tomatoes (don't like fresh baked ones). I'm not serving black pudding, can't stand it blush. What more is appropriate?

@Northernsoullover, the cheese on top of beans?

madambee Sat 21-Sep-19 14:35:29

@Coffeeandchocolate9 uh great with the potatoes smile.

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD Sat 21-Sep-19 14:35:44

Potato scones (ok so I’m Scottish - tatty scones), scrambled eggs, tinned whole tomatoes/grilled fresh of you prefer, sausages, toast and butter. Not a fan of beans at breakfast- it just feels wrong!

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD Sat 21-Sep-19 14:36:14

Oh and the toast must be buttered and cut into triangles or it just won’t work at all.

madambee Sat 21-Sep-19 14:38:08

I will look it up but what is potato scones?

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD Sat 21-Sep-19 14:41:07

Bloody lovely! I suppose it’s a bit like gnocchi (but with a little butter) but you roll it flat and fry it! Really really nice.

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD Sat 21-Sep-19 14:41:17

Like this.

ExpletiveDelighted Sat 21-Sep-19 14:45:21

For me the perfect breakfast is:

streaky unsmoked bacon grilled till crisp
black pudding ditto
mushrooms fried gently till soft in a tiny amount of butter
potato scones heated in the same pan
two soft yolk eggs preferably poached but fried is ok if not too greasy
white bread toast and unsalted butter
strong pot of tea

No sausages, beans, tomatoes, brown sauce or ketchup.

madambee Sat 21-Sep-19 14:50:12

Better admit to this now... We are having it for dinner (I know tea, supper).

I can't face this in the morning anyway, but considering the fat this must contain I have bought loads of lamb's lettuce. Is that a big no no?

@LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD thanks for the recipe, haven't heard about them, but looks delicious and will trysmile.

Thanks you all for the advice smile.

ClashCityRocker Sat 21-Sep-19 14:53:27

No beans on my breakfast!

Bacon well-done, a good quality sausage, field mushroom fried in butter, baked tomato cut in half, black pudding, occasionally a hash brown and white toast with butter cut into triangles. Two eggs, poached or fried with a runny yolk for dipping sausage and toast corners in.

ClashCityRocker Sat 21-Sep-19 14:54:46

Sweet jesus, no to lettuce!

(JK you can of course eat what you like...)

OneThreadOnly0101 Sat 21-Sep-19 14:59:20

I'm vegetarian, so if there's any decent veggie sausages in the offering, then I'll take those. My perfect fry up would be:

2 fried eggs - runny middles
2 sausages
Fried mushrooms
Grilled tomatoes
Hash brown or bubble and squeak
Baked beans
Brown sauce & ketchup

I only eat this when I stay in hotels though, or I'd be even fatter than I already am smile

And it makes a fine dinner, so there's no shame in that!

lazylinguist Sat 21-Sep-19 15:03:23

No lettuce! (Anyway, lettuce doesn't cancel out fat. grin). Not a fan of baked beans myself. Fry mushrooms slowly in butter - they should be cooked through, but shouldn't go rubbery (poor hotel cooking if they were!).

DontLettuceBrexitLettuceRemain Sat 21-Sep-19 15:03:42

God beans are a must- the best bit of a cooked breakfast is taking a doorstop wedge of toast at the end and dragging it through egg yolk and backed bean juice!

madambee Sat 21-Sep-19 15:10:33

Ok i get it, noting served that hasn't been in contact with butter and/or fat grin.

Please, please i really need something fresh, not to cancel out the fat, but...

Brown sauce is HP sauce okay?

madambee Sat 21-Sep-19 15:12:29

Nothing blush

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