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How to cut down on/replace dairy

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RosiePosiePuddle Sat 21-Sep-19 10:59:01

We have basically cut out meat (but we do eat fish). We also want to cut out or seriously reduce the amount of dairy that we are eating. But I find that meat is being substituted by veggies and tofu, but we add more cheese to make the food more interesting.

Any ideas how to reduce the amount of cheese. Or any recommendations of veggie cheese.

We are really cutting down on meat for environmental reasons and should try to extend to dairy as well. So being strictly vegan is not an issue.


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Ricekrispie22 Sat 21-Sep-19 11:46:01

The easiest way to cut back on dairy is to stop having milk for breakfast and to eat soya yogurts.

My favourite replacement cheddar is Asda Free from Mature Cheddar Alternative. The best vegan mozzarella alternative for melting/eating cooked is Violife. It has by far the most mozzarella-like texture when melted and, flavour-wise, it’s mild and agreeable.

The best substitute for Parmesan is Follow Your Heart dairy free Italian-style shredded hard cheese alternative. It does a really good job of mimicking pre-grated parmesan in its appearance. It has an intensely savoury, salty flavour and a texture that melts on the tongue. It would be great sprinkled over pastas and risottos.I’ve only seen in on Ocado though, so if you don’t shop with Ocado, the Sainsbury’s version isn’t bad either.

Sainsbury’s also do the best Greek style alternative to feta which I would serve in a vegan Greek salad or crumbled over roasted veg.

RosiePosiePuddle Sat 21-Sep-19 21:10:25

Thank you. Your post has inspired me to try the cheese and yogurt alternatives. The thought of giving up cheese was just too hard!

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NannyR Sat 21-Sep-19 21:21:19

Nutritional yeast flakes add a cheesy taste to things. Violife is ok, quite like those processed cheese slices in taste and texture, I like it melted but I'm not a big cheese fan anyway (and quite enjoyed those cheese slices on toast!) - if you are a big cheese lover, vegan cheese will probably taste like cheesy plastic!
My favourite non-dairy milk is the oatly semi (the chilled one, not the long life) and there is a spread called Naturli that you can buy in Sainsbury's which is a great butter substitute.

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