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Food processor recommendations

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Bundlebuns Sat 14-Sep-19 18:10:23

Can anyone recommend a food processor for reducing meal prep time? I'm wanting something that's effective at chopping onions, peppers, mushrooms, potatoes etc into small, uniform pieces. I don't need any other functions specifically. I have mild arthritis in my wrist and am finding the daily chopping increasingly difficult and time consuming. Any suggestions?

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MotherForkinShirtBalls Sun 15-Sep-19 21:38:22

I have my mum's old Kenwood. It's at least 25 years old and still works perfectly. Two sized grating rings and removable centre blade. Really easy to rinse/wash as the bowl is light.

Lyingonthesofainthedark Tue 17-Sep-19 10:43:27

Seriously, it has to be the magimix. I've had mine 25 years, and I know someone who has just replaced their similar age one. I also have a kenwood mixer, but really, once you have the magimix, who would bother?

My reasons are strength of engine, and all of the different functions. I use mine to slice, grate different thicknesses, chop, purée, mix cake, make pastry and mince. I pre-prep jam and marmalade in it.

I keep it on the work surface all the time. The only thing it doesn't do is reduce hard spices like cumin to dust-but I have a cheap coffee grinder for that.

My kids grew up using it as standard.

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