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How do you organise your recipes?

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Soootiredd Fri 13-Sep-19 18:03:11

I'm fed up with spending ages looking for my favourite recipes online or trying to remember which recipe book my favourite dhal came from.

Please inspire me and help me become more organised!

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30to50FeralHogs Fri 13-Sep-19 18:09:00

I have a little ring binder and write/print any recipes I like from TV or online etc or that I get passed on from friends. I also tear out magazine recipes and put them in there.

I had a big clear out of old cookery books a while back too. It may seem like heresy, but I tore out the pages I used regularly and threw the rest of the book away blush

I also have hand-written recipes from my mum and gran, along with some I wrote out as a child (school dinner recipes the school cooks gave me!) so its a very precious little book with lots of memories.

30to50FeralHogs Fri 13-Sep-19 18:09:54

I tried to organise the recipes by categories, but tbh I usually just feel for eg magazine pages, or original hand-written pages to find what I need.

didireallysaythat Fri 13-Sep-19 21:33:58

I save everything here. I pay a subscription but it's not much. I find it really useful and spontaneous

JingsMahBucket Sat 14-Sep-19 02:09:51

I use Plan To Eat It’s also a yearly subscription but they always have a 50% off Black Friday to Cyber Monday sale that reduces the cost to $19.99. I just renew then each year. It’s web based and they apps. It’s a good community too.

gowgow Tue 17-Sep-19 14:22:23

I use eatyourbooks. You add all your own books, & can search for ingredients, cuisines, courses etc. There's also a huge database of online recipes, forums to ask questions .

I think you can try it for free

Ruby789 Wed 18-Sep-19 21:24:46

I use Wunderlist - I copied this lady's idea

Its helpful all the time, but especially when i find a bargain, i can search for an ingredient i've tagged and see what I could make.

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