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are organic chiclen fingers any less crap than nuggets?

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codswallop Wed 22-Sep-04 12:51:33

or are they all as bad

Twiglett Wed 22-Sep-04 12:52:19

message withdrawn

emmatmg Wed 22-Sep-04 12:53:30

I've got a recipe for chicken nuggets if any one wants it.

Much nicer than organic or otherwise.

codswallop Wed 22-Sep-04 12:54:08

no not really?( the recipe)
is it like schnitzel?

zebra Wed 22-Sep-04 12:56:54

DH was looking at the ingredients on something organic yesterday -- was it biscuits? Anyway, just as full of hydrogenated oils (can you spell 'H E A R T D I S E A S E' anyone?) as the ordinary variety. I used to work in a health food shop and refer to the buiscuits and crisps as 'junk food' which really annoyed some of the customers -- but sheesh! If it's full of sugar, salt and fat not top quality food - not for anybody.

enid Wed 22-Sep-04 12:58:05

I posted a recipe for some a while ago - that reminds me, they will eat that, the little devils.

Personally, I think they are all a load of rubbish, bums and eyelids as twiglett says.

codswallop Wed 22-Sep-04 13:00:34

yes I know I knwo but ar ehe organic ones any better

enid Wed 22-Sep-04 13:02:02

Homemade Chicken Nuggets

750g minced chicken
175g breadcrumbs
175g grated cheddar
1 tbsp mayo to bind
1 clove garlic
salt and pepper
beaten egg and some fine toasted breadcrumbs to coat the nuggets

Preheat oven to 180C. Mix all ingredients up to and including salt and pepper together. Form into whatever sized nuggets (its up to you, mine are sort of walnut sized) and roll them in beaten egg and then in toasted breadcrumbs. You can freeze them now if you want to.

Place on greased baking sheet and cook for about 20 minutes (45 if frozen). Voila!

They don't take long to make and once they are done you can freeze them. They are delicious too!

DomesticDragonGoddess Wed 22-Sep-04 13:03:40

Tescos breaded chicken mini fillets. Proper chicken in breadcrumbs, no bums or eyelids.

And homemade biscuits with no hydrogenated fats or preservatives, colourings or artificial anything in them.

enid Wed 22-Sep-04 13:03:54

coddy, maybe, usually organic companies try a bit harder than most to make things a bit tastier/healthier, I think its the amount of chicken in them you want to watch. I would have thought the Value ones are literally balls of greasy breadcrumbs that have been wiped in chicken grease - not a bit of real chicken in there.

enid Wed 22-Sep-04 13:04:28

but how do they get mini fillets? mini chickens?

DomesticDragonGoddess Wed 22-Sep-04 13:04:30

Personally I suspect the organic ones are only better in as much as the chicken isn't full of whatever non-organic chickens are fed/pumped full of. Fat/salt/yucky bit wise they're probably much the same.

Thomcat Wed 22-Sep-04 13:04:32

The organic eyes and bums havn't been squirted with chemicals???!!!

I make my own, takes minutes, food processor, chicken breast, grated apple, onion, and anything else you feel like adding. Roll up in balls, roll in flour then breadcrumbs, shallow fry till cooked. Freeze and then just bake in oven as required.

DomesticDragonGoddess Wed 22-Sep-04 13:05:13

Big chicken fillets chopped up small I guess . I don't want to think of poor little mini chickens...

NomDePlume Wed 22-Sep-04 13:06:54

lol @ twigs

dinosaur Wed 22-Sep-04 13:06:56

I think that the For Georgia's Sake brand are okay as they are made of proper bits of chicken and not eyelids etc. I read an article once (in the Grauniad, of course) about the guy who set up the company - Georgia was his daughter and she had some health problem that required special diet.

Anyway I hope this is right as we do buy For Georgia's Sake burgers for the DSs!

I have a feeling that the same company make Tesco own brand organic chicken nuggets too, so they should be okay.

codswallop Wed 22-Sep-04 13:07:18

LOOK YOU LOT I need to feed three kids ina hurry
just fgs its not going to kill them! they eat normal food virtuallly all the time

enid Wed 22-Sep-04 13:08:25

never seen that brand down here. Helen browning organic quick cook sausages are good though - but not chicken nuggets, I will admit.

enid Wed 22-Sep-04 13:08:58

then buy value ones and have done with it!

sweetheart Wed 22-Sep-04 13:10:39

I HATE ORGANIC PRODUCT - WHAT A TOTAL RIP OFF!!!!!!!!!! I have a TOTAL bug bear about this subject!!!!

It is just an excuse for manufacturers to sell us the same food at double the price!!!

My mother and her mother and her mothers mother all ate non-organic food and knowone ever died of pestersides!!!!!! AArrrgghhhh!!!! I'm so against organic stuff - IMO it's just for posh people to buy to WASTE THEIR MONEY!!!!!

codswallop Wed 22-Sep-04 13:11:52

me too but like to have a fish finger or nigget int he freezer for emergencies

dinosaur Wed 22-Sep-04 13:13:44

Oops sorry Coddy, was just trying to help. Didn't mean to offend anyone .

codswallop Wed 22-Sep-04 13:14:42

no D!i know they are crap I just wanted to know if organic are less crap!
(says he mother whose son toddle soff to school with home made cheese muffins)

enid Wed 22-Sep-04 13:18:27

I think less crap. I would buy them. but the dds wouldnt eat them

aloha Wed 22-Sep-04 13:20:45

I am sure they are much less crap. And not made of swill.

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