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Golden Sun Cous Cous from Lidl - help !?

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JTrevelyan Thu 12-Sep-19 11:54:03

Discovered a box of this still in date in the cupboard. However I really can't make head nor tale of the quantities.

I get you add boiling water, stir and stand. But there's no numbers anywhere - just 3 pictures.

Can anyone help ?

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pistolknight Thu 12-Sep-19 12:04:06

I don’t get the in date bit, it’s a dried foodstuff it will keep indefinitely...

Can you not just use a generic recipe for cooking?

IsabelleSE19 Thu 12-Sep-19 12:06:10

I think when I've had Lidl couscous it's 160ml boiling water for every 100g of couscous - 100g is two pretty generous portions - cover and leave for about 5 mins

JTrevelyan Thu 12-Sep-19 12:07:42

Many thanks - good to have a starting point.

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AdaColeman Thu 12-Sep-19 12:17:00

All couscous is much of a muchness, for two people, try 160g of cous-cous, pour on 200ml of boiling water and let it stand for 5 minutes to absorb the water, fluff up with a fork and serve.
I usually add some chicken or vegetable stock powder to the water to add a bit of flavour, then add things like chopped olives or cucumber, depending on what it will be served with.

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