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'Picnic' breakfast ideas..

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imamearcat Wed 04-Sep-19 15:17:01

My DD has just started reception. School is a fair drive away plus she starts early (and I'm worried about her making it til lunch!) so she's having breakfast in the car.

So far we've had:

wraps with peanut butter with fruit and a smoothie

Scotch pancakes with fruit and a smoothly

Not sure what else I can give her? I need easy. She's not that fussed about bread/sandwiches.

Any ideas?

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Seeline Wed 04-Sep-19 15:31:19

Cold fritatta - include potato and veg in it
Cold hard boiled eggs with toast/roll
Cheese and ham in a croissant
Bacon/sausage butty
Porridge in a food flask

CharminglyGawky Wed 04-Sep-19 15:43:30

Brioche roll with Edam and ham in it.

Ricekrispie22 Wed 04-Sep-19 16:22:48

Frubes or pouches of yogurt
Malt loaf
Frusli Bar
Rice cakes
Dried fruit
Cubes of cheese, torn up strips of ham and cherry tomatoes
Dry cereal - my DC happily eat dry Cheerios and Raisin wheats as if they’re crisps!
Nairn’s Astro Bites or these packets of fruit and seed oat cakes Nairn’s also make cereal bars which are low sugar. I’ve seen them in Waitrose

Didkdt Wed 04-Sep-19 19:14:48

Omelette rolls
Ham roll ups, ham with humous or something else rolled up
Muffins whole load of ideas there sweet and savoury
yogurt tubes
Ella pouches

imamearcat Wed 04-Sep-19 21:12:32

Thank you. Some good ideas here.👍

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