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Franny, Franny, Franny! i really LIKE quinoa, it is <gasps> Nicer Than Rice

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Aitch Tue 07-Aug-07 22:47:16

seriously, am gobsmacked. although credit must go to the person on here who said to rinse, rinse, rinse the quinoa beforehand as i think that helped a lot.
anyway, we had it with veggie goulash tonight, it was sensationally nice, all nubbly and nutty.

Habbibu Tue 07-Aug-07 22:48:45

Get thee behind me, McKeith "PhD".

Aitch Tue 07-Aug-07 22:50:20


it's nice, really. a bit like tiny grains of nutty barley. i could hardly believe it myself!

brimfull Tue 07-Aug-07 23:02:30

yes I didn't bother to rinse it the other night and had to chuck it out

Mumzarello Tue 07-Aug-07 23:06:38

Agree it really is nice. Maybe all the people who think it is the devil's food just aren't rinsing??

hunkermunker Tue 07-Aug-07 23:07:38


foxcub Tue 07-Aug-07 23:07:49

Does anyone know how to pronounce it though?

handlemecarefully Tue 07-Aug-07 23:11:06

I'm open to quinoa, but I've never seen it in Waitrose and I'm just not committed enough to visit a healthfood shop

handlemecarefully Tue 07-Aug-07 23:11:31

Is it not quin-noah?

handlemecarefully Tue 07-Aug-07 23:11:59

(the pronounciation that is)

aviatrix Tue 07-Aug-07 23:12:56

Message withdrawn

aviatrix Tue 07-Aug-07 23:13:39

Message withdrawn

Carmenere Tue 07-Aug-07 23:14:26

I like it too, it is particularly good with curry.

foxcub Tue 07-Aug-07 23:14:39

Aviatrix - correct!

handlemecarefully Tue 07-Aug-07 23:15:21

Well maybe it's because I've been asking for quin-noah rather than keen-wah

Waitrose don't have japanese sake either (was looking for it for a recipe). In fact they looked at me as if I was deranged when I asked about it

Aitch Tue 07-Aug-07 23:16:25

really? they don't have it in waitrose? that does surprise me.
i think i got mine in our local fruit and ponce shop.

foxcub Tue 07-Aug-07 23:16:50

Where can I buy it?

Apparently its in Sainsbury's but I don't know which section....

I've noticed its in the organic baby food I'm feeding DS2 and have heard fabby things about it so would like to try it for myself.

So you have to reinse, rinse, rinse eh?

Aitch Tue 07-Aug-07 23:18:58

dd, (20 mos), absolutely loved it. full of omega 3s, dontcha know?

NormaStanleyFletcher Tue 07-Aug-07 23:20:47

I have a packet from tesco that I have not yet cooked.

Thanks for the tip about rinsing it

brimfull Tue 07-Aug-07 23:21:26

HMC ,they have it in my waitrose,near the cous cous dahlink

handlemecarefully Tue 07-Aug-07 23:23:49

Really? I must have another ganders!

Danae Tue 07-Aug-07 23:25:51

Message withdrawn

brimfull Tue 07-Aug-07 23:26:06

tis in a box,just to put you off the scent

Aitch Tue 07-Aug-07 23:40:21

well this is where i went wrong before, i think. the first box said to put it into a dry pan until you heard it kinda start to pop and then add the water. result - revoltissimo.
the MN way, as gleaned from another thread, is simply to rinse well then add water (i did it 2 water to 1 quinoa as per the instructions then lost my nerve and added more water so i had to drain it a bit. (i do the same with rice, i have little faith in the absorption method).

seriously, it's yummy. i'm going to use it just like couscous next, with harissa and roast veg. and then a curry... <skips away, happily planning meals>

It's just bloody brilliant to find a guilt-free, low GI but looks and feels like a big soppy carbohydrate ingredient. for i am a carb-lover, of that you can be sure...

MegBusset Tue 07-Aug-07 23:40:22

<blush> Glad to have made a quinoa convert! See, it's all in the rinsing!

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