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Do I heat this up or eat it cold?

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PoppingOneOutIn2020 Mon 02-Sep-19 20:32:09

I've made lunchboxes for work tomorrow with leftovers from this evening (potatoes and veg)
The salmon can be eaten hot or cold.. so do I heat it up.. or not?

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Harp1977 Mon 02-Sep-19 20:41:37

I would heat it up but I am not a fan of cold salmon or potato unless covered with mayo

MyNewBearTotoro Mon 02-Sep-19 20:42:34

Personally I would heat it up, but no reason not to eat cold if you prefer.

Intheshadeoftrees Mon 02-Sep-19 20:47:38

If it’s a communal microwave at work and you care about your collègues - eat it cold !

MmeBufo Mon 02-Sep-19 20:51:45

Yes, if there are communal heating facilities then you need to eat it cold. TBH it'll probably be nicer like that than reheated anyway, take some mayo of make the potatoes into a potato salad this evening

Stravapalava Mon 02-Sep-19 20:54:35

I wouldn't heat salmon up at work - you'll stink the place out!

Onesailwait Mon 02-Sep-19 20:54:58

I would add some vinaigrette over the potatoes & leaves and have it cold. It looks good.

FusionChefGeoff Mon 02-Sep-19 21:02:29

Drown it in mayo or even better a ready made hollandaise dressing and eat cold

notso Mon 02-Sep-19 21:06:03

The salmon looks good, did you make it?

PoppingOneOutIn2020 Mon 02-Sep-19 21:14:25

I didnt think about the smell! Cold it is grin

I'm ashamed to say I didnt make the salmon. I usually would but DP wanted pork for dinner so I copped oit cooking teo meats and just bought the salmon ready to eat.. hopefully it's as nice as it looks.

Thanks for the advice!

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