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How do you meal plan?

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actionpacked Wed 28-Aug-19 17:55:33

I’ve tried a few times to meal plan but end up either not factoring in snacks/changes of plans so buy too little or over buying and still ending up throwing food out.

There’s me, dh and 2 dc (teens), 1 vegetarian, 1 doesn’t really like meat but will eat some, 2 eat everything. Everyone eats at different times some days because of work. I struggle to feed everyone properly, I’m not the best cook, I feel I spend my evenings constantly thinking about what to feed everyone and cooking 4 different meals sad

Any tips (other than make them feed themselves grin ) to help me plan?

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Snowflake9 Wed 28-Aug-19 18:00:46

When I was growing up, my mum sat us all down and made us write our favourite meals down. We would each have one a week cooked, and we would have a pot luck dinner once a week too (pick one out of the jar). If we didn't like whatever was being cooked, then there was a stash in the freezer which we were repsonsible to cook if we wanted something different.

If worked well.

GrannySquares Fri 30-Aug-19 21:00:24

I write out weekly evening meal plans, plus breakfast and lunches

Then I write my shopping list accordingly. I write down lunches because I like to switch it up every now and again so it doesn't get tedious. I love meal planning!

gowgow Sun 01-Sep-19 19:05:38

I work the other way around, & cook according to what I've got & what needs using up.
We shop once a week & have a list of what needs replacing, but otherwise it's a case of looking for special offers, meats or fish not often stocked (where does all the oxtail go June-August?), & things that I fancy.

Apart from special meals/occasions, this works for me. Any leftover veg that needs using I turn into a veg curry or stir-fry. We have very little waste - I was brought up poor & old habits stay with you.

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