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Bero cook book Dundee cake recipe - does anyone have it?

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Scarscar Wed 28-Aug-19 14:52:11

I want to buy the ingredients for my Christmas cake, turned the house upside down but can't find my Bero book anywhere confused
Does anyone have a copy of the rich Dundee cake recipe they could pass onto me?

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galvantula Wed 28-Aug-19 14:56:17

I'll take a photo of mine later and lost or if that's ok? I have the wee book at home. smile

galvantula Wed 28-Aug-19 14:56:43

And post it FFS

Scarscar Wed 28-Aug-19 15:00:32

That would be so helpful thanks.

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galvantula Wed 28-Aug-19 15:26:23

Hopefully you can read this ok!

Scarscar Wed 28-Aug-19 15:52:12

That's perfect, I appreciate it. Thanks everso much!

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galvantula Wed 28-Aug-19 16:01:36

No probs. smile

It's a great wee book.

Scarscar Wed 28-Aug-19 16:11:39

It is. I inherited mine from my gran, so I hope it turns up, otherwise I'll be on the Bero site ordering another.

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longtompot Wed 28-Aug-19 22:38:19

Mmm sounds good! I shall make that for my Christmas cake this year, thank you @Scarscar and @galvantula cake

Treaclebee Thu 26-Sep-19 15:54:31

Just a little update. Haven't yet found my old book so I ordered a new one (Only £3).
BUT the rich Dundee cake recipe in the new book is different! I think it's a real shame as the original recipe is a great one. I really wish Bero wouldn't go changing things.
So double thanks to Galvantula, as I wouldn't have got the original recipe otherwise, and hang on to your old Bero books cos the new ones aren't quite the same.

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