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Party for friend with diabetes in pregnancy.

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Hoolahoophop Sat 24-Aug-19 11:16:00

I'm hoping some of you will be able to help. I'm planning a big number birthday bbq for a friend. She unfortunately has developed diabetes in her pregnancy so I'm trying to make the food as friendly as possible. Will make (and accept offers from guests to bring) lots of interesting salads. Then BBQ sausages, burgers and chicken form our local butcher. I'll have bread rolls for those not on a special diet.

I love to cook up a huge paella when we have summer guests. But thought instead This time I'd do a dish with wholemeal rice, a ton of veg and some cashews, parsley as it should be better for my friend and make an interesting hot side dish.

My concern though is desert, or cake. Has anyone any recipies for a birthday cake that my friend can eat. She is being very strict about her diet so I'd love to make somethig special that she can enjoy knowing its not harming her or her baby.


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sleepismysuperpower1 Sat 24-Aug-19 13:21:03

try this recipe which is for chocolate cheesecake. its made for people with gestational diabetes, so is safe to eat and is really nice!

Skigal86 Sat 24-Aug-19 13:52:01

I had GD and made cheese cake for my baby shower, cream, philly and xylitol - other sweeteners tasted terrible in this recipe! I was able to tolerate a small amount of biscuit (with melted butter) but it works just as well without - I did individual portions so I could do gluten free ones as well.

I also pretty much lived on keto muffins - almond flour, eggs and sweetener with a pinch of cinnamon. They were sooo good!

Hoolahoophop Sat 24-Aug-19 17:23:02

Tha k you very much, some great ideas. Plus a diabetic friend has sent me her favorite birthday cake recipe. Looks like I'm all

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TapasForTwo Sat 24-Aug-19 17:26:20

Xylitol is a laxative. I wouldn't thank you for using it in a recipe.

Lahlahfizzyfizzydoda Tue 27-Aug-19 07:01:16

Be careful with the rice. When I had GD, I could only eat a handful of brown carbs....and sometimes even this would spike my blood sugar levels (even a teaspoon of hummus would raise them also)

I found sticking to protein and veg better and limiting fruit.

Maybe have a look on the national diabetes website for ideas?

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