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dual purpose saute/frying pan

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trousergrout Thu 22-Aug-19 15:10:14

I want a straight-sided saute pan that I can get really hot on my induction hob without it buckling. Brand suggestions please!

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BoreOfWhabylon Thu 22-Aug-19 15:17:39


magicstar1 Thu 22-Aug-19 15:21:32

Definitely Circulon! I have a whole set and they're excellent!

trousergrout Thu 22-Aug-19 16:24:49

Thank you, people! Any more suggestions? I'd prefer something without any non-stick coating.

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BoreOfWhabylon Fri 23-Aug-19 01:24:55

Sorry, I gave the wrong link! I usually get my cookware etc from here

If you don't want circulon non-stick then Stellar pans are pretty good, although I haven't tried their saute pans.

newtb Fri 23-Aug-19 19:45:24

Debuyer - on amazon. They do a variety of omelette type frying pans, but also a sauté pan which is slightly deeper.

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