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Family meals that don’t need a hob?

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Musicalstatues Tue 20-Aug-19 22:16:39

I’m looking for ideas for family friendly meals (including 2 fairly fussy eaters) that require little or no use of a hob? We’re having an extension built and currently have no gas and therefore no hob for the next couple of months. I have got one of those portable electric hobs but honestly having used it tonight it was so slow and quite awkward to use so I’d like to find any ideas of meals that don’t really need it!!
I do have a slow cooker and a microwave to use as well as the oven still, just no hob!

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rubyroot Tue 20-Aug-19 22:21:24

I'd buy a camping stove and connect to portable gas. I think it's easier to cook on the hob rather than in the oven. Any recipes are just going to involve one pot casseroles such as sausage casserole, chicken casserole etc. But you're going to have to throw all the veggies and any potatoes in. You can't even make pasta bake as that normally requires you to boil pasta first!

brassbrass Tue 20-Aug-19 22:29:09

You can make pasta bake with fresh pasta?

There must be loads of slow cooker recipes online.

HeddaGarbled Tue 20-Aug-19 22:36:48

Tray bakes in the oven: any meat or fish plus selection of veg in baking tray, sloshed with olive oil and flavouring of your choice.

lossie1993 Tue 20-Aug-19 22:38:13

You can pretty much do anything in a slow cooker, I use mine all the time and it actually makes meats so tender! Best thing about it you can leave it on for hours and it's like you never even made it come dinner time, just to name a few, slow cooked gamon, chilli, spaghetti bolognase, stew, curry, pulled pork, I've even cooked pork chops and a full chicken in one before just left on for longet and as long as it has a liquid in it, hope you get on well with your meals

rubyroot Tue 20-Aug-19 22:40:24

@brassbrass oh yeah! Oops, good point. I'd still invest in a camping stove though. I couldn't cope without a hob. I'd cope better without an oven

MarthaDunstable Tue 20-Aug-19 22:45:14

I lived with only a microwave for a couple of years and they’re surprisingly versatile. Kedgeree and spaghetti carbonara were our top picks.

brassbrass Tue 20-Aug-19 22:47:39

Ruby I think I've also done dried cannelloni (those larger pasta tubes you fill) without preboiling in a sauce and they come out properly cooked as well. But I get it's like a limb missing when you have to make do without the kitchen appliance you use the most.

CrazyCatLady159 Tue 20-Aug-19 22:49:15

Slow cooker groups on Facebook are amazing!
You can do so much in them :-)

FamilyOfAliens Tue 20-Aug-19 22:49:19

Hugh F-W’s root veg frittata is delicious and it’s all done in the oven:

buckeejit Tue 20-Aug-19 23:19:48

Dear Lord now is the time to buy an instantpot - just what you need! Lots of threads & v versatile.

Also I used mainly the one ring induction ring from ikea - about £40. Use in in my downstairs utility (little kitchen) now when childminding & can take it camping if electric hook up. Great buys.

AtleastitsnotMonday Wed 21-Aug-19 11:34:25

Fish is your friend here, salmon fillets wrapped in foil with lime juice, spring onions and chilli, or cod with lemon and herbs.
Cajun chicken skewers
Chicken and chorizo tray bake with peppers and red onion
Cod wrapped in pancetta.
Jacket potatoes with topping
If you put a fine fresh pasta like spaghetti in a bowl and cover with boiling water then microwave for 1 1/2 mins it’s fine.
Tuna sweet potato and chilli fishcakes.

buzzkills Wed 21-Aug-19 12:51:56

Buy an instant pot and join one of the groups on Facebook for instant pot recipes.

Amazing things!!

Musicalstatues Wed 21-Aug-19 18:59:53

My kitchen has been chopped up so it’s about a third of its previous size and only about 1/4 of its previous cupboard space so don’t think I can justify any new gadgets for now!

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StillWould Wed 21-Aug-19 19:07:59

Risottos work well in the microwave as does a biriyani.

This roasting tin by Rukmini Iyer has some great recipes, well worth getting

StillWould Wed 21-Aug-19 19:12:26

Sorry link fail, hope this works:

stucknoue Wed 21-Aug-19 19:14:12

I managed with a microwave, rice cooker and teppanake grill for nearly 2 months, it can be done. My go to though was picking up rotisserie chicken!

Stir fries mostly in our case but with an oven you can cook meat, baked potatoes etc. Microwave veg. I don't use my job for a roast even

Sadik Wed 21-Aug-19 19:16:30

DD has the book the Green Roasting Tin by Rukmini Iyer - they're all recipes that cook in one tin in the oven, don't think there's any hob use at all. Some are a bit hipster, but there's plenty of good everyday meals (esp if you swap out some of the more pricey ingredients) and mostly super quick & easy. She's just bought the meat version (The Roasting Tin) which also looks good though nothing cooked from it yet.

Sadik Wed 21-Aug-19 19:17:01

Sorry, just seen X-post. Would definitely recommend it!

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