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France holiday recipes - with 2 vegetarians

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wasgoingmadinthecountry Wed 21-Aug-19 10:05:30

Geri, that's really got me in the mood! Glad it went well - tarte evening is another great one to add!

Greentea, dd eats parmesan etc (she's not veggie on any moral grounds) but will keep an eye out, thanks. I'm sure everything is easier than when I was on holiday in France with a vegetarian friend 25 years ago!!

I'm really looking forward to it - haven't all been away together for years!

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gerispringer Wed 21-Aug-19 07:18:01

We had 18 on our big family holiday in France with 5 vegans, 2 veggies and the rest omnis. Each couple took turn to do the evening meal. We had fantastic meals every night- pizza, salads, bbqs with veggie kebabs, Greek night, tarte evening some with tomatoes, mushrooms etc, chillis one vegan, one non vegan with lots of sides, lasagnes and pastas with lots of sauces. Lots of salads which any left overs were used for lunch next day. Loved it!

Greenteawhisky Wed 21-Aug-19 07:10:50

My veggie daughter is strict with cheese so she won’t eat Parmesan or Camembert as they contain rennet. Veggie options are available so check the packets before you buy!

wasgoingmadinthecountry Mon 19-Aug-19 19:04:49

That's my Mamma Mia theme night sorted!

Likelihood of 6 20 somethings enjoying my Abba playlist to go along with it? smile

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Ricekrispie22 Mon 19-Aug-19 13:11:39

Greek style Serves 6 but easily doubled. We serve it with the tzatziki, and warm pitta breads. For the veggies, I’d do these bbq falafel and this Greek butter bean salad Greek salad on the side with crumbled feta.

wasgoingmadinthecountry Mon 19-Aug-19 12:03:16

Well, maybe alternated with aubergine parmigiana!

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wasgoingmadinthecountry Mon 19-Aug-19 12:01:29

Thanks for the great ideas! You're right about not cooking every night - that's what has always put me off self catering - but as everyone is an adult except 15yo dd everyone will do their bit. Dd 2 and bf have sorted murder mystery night, ds and gf are going for texmex bbq, our friends (fab cooks) have sorted paella... It's our first grown up (as with all coming and partners) holiday and I'm actually quite excited!!

May just bake camembert every night...

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maxelly Sun 18-Aug-19 22:11:37

I quite frequently cook for mixed groups of veggies/die hard meat eaters and find the key is either meals where the sides are the same for both and only the 'main' element needs substituting, or where the veggie main element is pretty substantial and then some meat can be added almost as an afterthought...

I'd do baked camemberts for everyone one night, gorgeous studded with rosemary and garlic, with crispy bread for dipping. With a salad and perhaps some vegetables on the side I'd say that's substantial enough for a light dinner, but if you have some who really 'need' meat with every meal, they could have some charcuterie or gently warmed chorizo/sausisson on the side... If younger children don't like the taste of the camambert (although it's milder cooked) they could have some melted milder cheese as a kind of fondue?

Then I'd do a big barbecue another night, whatever meat the meat eaters like and for the veggies they could have veggie/cheese skewers (larger supermarkets will sell halloumi or sub with any firm cheese what won't melt over everything), or large grilled flat mushrooms to make into a 'burger', or you may be able to find some halloumi or falafel for them in a larger supermarket. Or if you are up for a bit more effort, for easy bean burgers just mash up some tinned beans with chopped onion, bit of cheese, seasonings and an egg - they'll likely be too sloppy to cook on the BBQ but just fry them in a normal pan with a little oil. Same sides for all - bread/spuds/salads/dips/corn on the cob.

If you need a 3rd night, I would do something for the meat eaters which is served with potatos and veg, so a french stew (coq au vin or beef carbonade are nice) or roast chicken (you may need 2!) and chips or similar, and the veggies can have an roast stuffed pepper, something along these lines...

I always do at least a few 'picnic' suppers in France (especially if we've eaten out at lunch) - bread, charcuterie, selection of cheeses, olives, crisps, dips, lovely fresh salad, red wine etc. With fresh patisserie for afters! Veggies can just pick the veggie friendly bits from this. Anyone who feels this is insufficiently substantial could whip themselves up a quick omelette or cook some sausages to go with?

I do hope you are eating out for some meals or can do some easier cold meals as above, cooking (and then washing up!) for 11 on holiday could get quite old quite quickly even alternating nights - and I say that as someone who likes cooking!

AdaColeman Sun 18-Aug-19 21:58:33

Pasta with two or three different sauces, eg one meat, one vegetable, one mushroom.

I'd try to do meals that were a meat served with a vegetarian dish as a side dish for the meat eaters but a main dish for the vegetarians, such as roast pork served with ratatouille, lamb chops with aubergine parmigiana. Add some rice (perhaps microwave sachets), or cous-cous.

Caesar salad with or without chicken, Salade Niçoise the vegetarians can leave out the tuna.

Raid the supermarkets for ready made salads for a cold collation!

What fun you will have! wine wine wine

wasgoingmadinthecountry Sun 18-Aug-19 21:38:22

We're off on Friday to a big rental place in the Dordogne with all 4 children (plus the 3 adult ones are bringing partners). A couple of friends will be there for a few days too. There will be 9 all week, 11 for a few days. We're taking turns as couples at cooking etc but I'm struggling a bit - dd1 and her partner are veggie which is obviously not a problem at home. Anyone done similar catering on holiday? We all like nice stuff and will have access to good kitchen facilities and a gas bbq. Please don't suggest we all go veggie for the week - won't go down well with all! So far I'm taking frozen lasagne/veglasagne for day 1, and friend is cooking 2 different paellas one night. Thanks!

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