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Making waffle batter the night before

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LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD Sun 18-Aug-19 16:23:23

Has anyone a recipe for waffle batter that I can make the night before and keep in the fridge?

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thanksamillion Sun 18-Aug-19 16:26:44

I think you would need to keep the wet and dry elements separately as the raising agent will kick in once they're mixed. You can still prep the night before and keep the wet mix in the fridge then just add the dry stuff in the morning (also measure and mix the night before).

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD Sun 18-Aug-19 16:27:38

I’ve seen some with yeast - not sure if this wouldn’t taste... ‘yeasty’?

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Golden0ldie Mon 19-Aug-19 20:24:59

I don’t have recipe to hand but have kept leftover mix in the fridge overnight and it has been absolutely fine the next day - just added a drop of milk if a bit thick.

karmakameleon Mon 19-Aug-19 20:36:37

Smittenkitchen has an overnight waffle recipe. Not personally tried it but I find her recipes are always reliable so worth a go.

Alternatively, the recipe I usually use is one for liege waffles from a mumsnet post and is gorgeous. That could be left overnight in the fridge. Link here:

Pearl sugar is available from Ocado and well worth getting for these.

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