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What is a poridgy?

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just5morepeas Fri 16-Aug-19 13:00:02

On Katie Morag they’re often eating something called a poridgy - sorry, don’t know how it’s spelled - and it looks like some sort of Katy biscuit. I tried googling and just wondered if anyone knew if this was a specific thing or just what Katie Morag calls an oat biscuit.

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just5morepeas Fri 16-Aug-19 13:02:16

Er oaty not Katie xD

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Blondie1984 Fri 16-Aug-19 18:35:24

I’ve never heard of them being called that but think they’re a biscuit form of flapjack, made with jumbo oats and golden syrup - similar to Hobnobs

homemadecommunistrussia Fri 16-Aug-19 18:38:56


just5morepeas Fri 16-Aug-19 19:57:57

Thank you so much! My google game is obviously weak, it just wanted to tell me about "The Prodigy" and I didn't think that's what Katie Morag was talking about.

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homemadecommunistrussia Fri 16-Aug-19 20:20:06


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