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what am I thinking of and do you have a recipe?

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PrincessGoodLife Sat 04-Aug-07 13:18:29

Help me out here.
I've got a glut of french and runner beans and have in my mind that I want to preserve them as an oily curry-ish preserve/pickle. Yes, this sounds very vague but I can't think what this is called, and therefore can't find a recipe . Do you know what I am thinking of? ...sometimes you see green beans served like this, and I've seen it solds in jars.



MegaLegs Sat 04-Aug-07 13:21:33

Sound delicious and I think i know what you mean.

I am looking in my Oded Schwartz preserving book for you.

PrincessGoodLife Sat 04-Aug-07 13:24:25

you angel! thank you
sounds like a useful book

MegaLegs Sat 04-Aug-07 13:25:05

don't think this what you're thinking of but it looks quite tasty if you can't find the other recipe

MegaLegs Sat 04-Aug-07 13:25:35

Sorry forgot to say nothing in Oded - will see if he's on the web too

MegaLegs Sat 04-Aug-07 13:25:58

It's a fab book for everything else.

MegaLegs Sat 04-Aug-07 13:28:49

DS2 has fallen off his bike ( not serious) wil resume search later

popsycal Sat 04-Aug-07 13:30:40


PrincessGoodLife Sat 04-Aug-07 13:32:01

hey, do you know what, I just had a look at your profile (cos I'm a bit nosey like that ) and I think I recognise your face from around Arundel. Don't worry, nothing creepy, just the small town thing! I used to work there and lived in Yapton. Moved abroad now.
Lovely chickens btw. Got some boring old isa brown layers here. And a very handsome bantam cockerel.

Anyway, will take a look at that recipe now....

popsycal Sat 04-Aug-07 13:32:02

ä">or this

popsycal Sat 04-Aug-07 13:33:46

ä">or this

popsycal Sat 04-Aug-07 13:34:04

weird i cant do the link$2$0$65$344

PrincessGoodLife Sat 04-Aug-07 13:34:37

great minds - you both found the same recipe! looks good as an alternative - or maybe I'll try both.

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