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When is it best to use coconut milk and coconut creamed?

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jellyjelly Fri 03-Aug-07 18:41:56

Which one is good for what. I have both and dont really know how to use them.


elasticsortinghandstand Fri 03-Aug-07 18:49:31

i use creamed coconut in curries, barts make a good one.
perhaps it depends on the recipe? or perhaps not.

MrsBadger Fri 03-Aug-07 19:02:19

I, sheep-like, follow the recipe.
Most of the time you end up dissolving creamed coconut (bought in blocks) in hot water till it resembles tinned coconut milk anyway.

jellyjelly Fri 03-Aug-07 19:06:35

mine were in sachets and i dont really know about them.

newlifenewname Fri 03-Aug-07 19:09:52

No idea...but I always buy stuff in tins which is milk, yes?

I do know that dessicated coconut won't work and will probably choke you because dessicated coconut serves only one purpose: to turn perfectly good food items into choking hazards.

Seona1973 Fri 03-Aug-07 19:32:29

we buy the stuff in cartons which to confuse matters further is coconut cream!! coconut milk is in tins and the blocks are creamed coconut. Dont ask me the difference as DH does the cooking in this house (I get to clean up after him unfortunately!!)

jellyjelly Fri 03-Aug-07 19:44:33

well i have just tried it and i am trying to make a thai green curry and it is so strong and salty

nappyaddict Fri 03-Aug-07 20:10:33

i need coconut cream today but couldn't find it. where would one find this in a shop. i could only find coconut milk.

elasticsortinghandstand Fri 03-Aug-07 21:18:48

in the curry section

nappyaddict Sat 04-Aug-07 11:42:06

oh that's the place i looked. does everywhere do the cream or do some places just do the milk?

elasticsortinghandstand Sat 04-Aug-07 21:53:07

waitrose and budgens ok , but not Toscos, not tried sainsburys though

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