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Cucumber recipes

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3sugars Thu 08-Aug-19 14:11:19

What can I do with a huge glut of cucumbers? Other than cucumber soup?

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Whitney168 Thu 08-Aug-19 14:16:19

Cucumber sandwiches. Pimms. Ermmmm ...

Nope, that's all I've got.

(I'd just eat loads though, love cucumber.)

TheWildAndTheCurious Thu 08-Aug-19 14:26:20

With Pimms is the only way to eat cucumber.

Or Tzatziki!

IHaveBrilloHair Thu 08-Aug-19 14:33:30

Make a quick pickle with some?
Cold cucumber soup?

IHaveBrilloHair Thu 08-Aug-19 14:34:12

The whole salmon where you put cucumber she's on it?

IHaveBrilloHair Thu 08-Aug-19 14:34:48


movingontosomethingnew Thu 08-Aug-19 15:22:06

Raita, lovely on a wrap with chicken.

3sugars Thu 08-Aug-19 17:14:45

Thanks everyone, am off to get some Greek yoghurt and make tzatziki. And some pimms! Have also managed to offload half onto the neighbours.

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gowgow Thu 08-Aug-19 17:54:06

I de-seed, then add strips to a stir-fry.

DonPablo Thu 08-Aug-19 18:09:51

I've grown some gherkins this year because ekasy year we couldn't eat the cucumbers fast enough. So 3 cucumber plants and already we can't eat them all (and we eat a LOT of cucumber!). I'm going to pickle some cucumbers as well.

Tzatziki is great, but we also do a chopped salad with cucumber, tomatoes, spring onion, herbs, avocado and oil. Double cucumber of course!

DonPablo Thu 08-Aug-19 18:11:09

Grr. Tyoise and it's not clear.

#1. Last year. That should say.

#2. 3 plants instead of 6 and even that's too bloody many!

ZazieTheCat Thu 08-Aug-19 22:10:12

Grate cucumber, carrots and apples together, dress with olive oil and citrus juice, plus shredded mint leaves.

daisyboocantoo Thu 08-Aug-19 22:15:41

I love this

kateandme Thu 08-Aug-19 23:05:13

one of my favourites it the salad with cucmber tomato and redonion and a bit of mint sauce or lemon through it.

AlpenCrazy Thu 08-Aug-19 23:07:57

Big chunks of it with red onion tomato and feta for a Greek salad



I like it sliced in a G and T

And I like a dainty cucumber sandwich!

3sugars Fri 09-Aug-19 10:33:39

Thank you! Lots of ideas to try, I'm also getting through a huge glut of courgettes so trying to coordinate meals around them as well.

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