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Going back to being veggie. How to cook for the family?

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DrunkenSailor Thu 02-Aug-07 22:44:32

Message withdrawn

Brangelina Thu 02-Aug-07 23:03:19

Lentil or chick pea curries with basmati rice (possibly with loads of natural yogurt to "tone things down" if your lot are unused to spices)
Falafel in mini pittas with lots of crunchy veg
Grilled cheese and roasted veg?
Marinated halloumi and vegetable kebabs
Spicy beanburgers with salad and potato wedges
Bulghur wheat salad (Tabbouleh) with chopped egg. Can be made with quinoa instead for extra protein.
Spanish style omelettes
Cous cous with mixed veg and chickpeas
Various stir fries with either rice or noodles, using either tofu, tempeh or egg for the protein part.

I think the best bet is moving away from the meat and 2 veg mentality of having a protein item + veg and potatoes. A lot of eastern cuisine for instance has brilliant dishes where you don't notice the lack of meat as the meat component isn't "in your face" IYSWIM.

Why don't you try a book. I liked Veggie Food for Kids by Sara Lewis, it gives quite a few ideas for family meals as well and most of her recipes can be adapted.

janeitebus Thu 02-Aug-07 23:32:34

Veggie shepherd's pie made with lentils, quorn or soya

If they like spicy food, thai type curries with coconut milk and tofu

Macaroni cheese

Bolognaise, lasagne etc but without the meat (I often use lentils to bulk it out)


Pitta bread pizzas with salad

My girls also like rice with tofu and brocolli and soy sauce


Quorn fajitas

Aitch Thu 02-Aug-07 23:42:21

i have never had a complaint with this

lilolilmanchester Thu 02-Aug-07 23:51:16

I'm not vegetarian, I do enjoy vegetarian food but would miss my meat if I had it all the time. Could you not give your carnivores a small portion of the vegetarian dish as a side dish to a really simply cooked bit of chicken/fish/meat/sausage/bacon, which you've just "stuck in the oven" so you're not really doing much extra? Sorry if that doesn't sound good to you, but it might be a compromise? e.g I quite like the thought of veggie lasagne with a bit of bacon; bean stew with chicken; lentil bake with sausages etc; moussaka with lamb/pork chops etc

teafortwoandtwofortea Fri 03-Aug-07 00:03:51

We're not totaly veggie but don't cook with a lot of meat for the cost benefit. Mainly you just have to think of adding pulses or a meat 'substitute' like tofu or quorn to a dish to ensure you're getting enough protein.

TBH we just have some fab recipe books, my fave is not a veggie book but has a lot of veggie recipes in it - it's called 1000 best student recipes or something similar, there's a whole series of the '1000 best' inc indian and veggie cuisine. Also BBc food website never fails to inspire.

DrunkenSailor Fri 03-Aug-07 10:44:17

Message withdrawn

portonovo Fri 03-Aug-07 12:44:36

Try Rose Elliott's books, they are great for family meals. I love 'The Bean Book' and 'Cheap and Easy'.

Sarah Browne's 'Vegetarian Kitchen' is also a good one, and older-style cookbooks (Farmhouse Kitchen, Marguerite Patten etc) usually have good veggie ideas in, although they rarely use the word vegetarian.

We eat lots of lentils, beans, home-made veggie soups, veggie quiches, home-made pizzas etc.

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