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Come at me with your mince recipes

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LittleTopic Thu 01-Aug-19 19:38:32

I am in a mince rut...

Around once a month I manage to make it out to a butcher nearby for our meat - they do a meat box deal which ALWAYS includes 2 packs of mince - one beef and one lamb. I am stuck in a cycle of:

Shepherds/cottage pie

Am I being really unimaginative? I feel like there must be something more inspiring I can do confused

Please inspire me!

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Yutes Thu 01-Aug-19 19:39:52


Yutes Thu 01-Aug-19 19:40:22

I actually had an amazing lasagna soup recipe from Pinterest as well.

cookiemonster3 Thu 01-Aug-19 19:40:58

Meatballs with beef
Doner with lamb

IHaveBrilloHair Thu 01-Aug-19 19:41:27

Home made donner
Keema curry

Myimaginarycathasfleas Thu 01-Aug-19 19:42:16

I read that as "mince pies".

<Disappointed, puts Christmas missiles away>

BigSandyBalls2015 Thu 01-Aug-19 19:44:38

Keema with the lamb and peas ... amazing

stucknoue Thu 01-Aug-19 19:46:17

Tacos/burritos, moussaka, keema curry, beyti kebabs,

ComeOnGordon Thu 01-Aug-19 19:49:30

Look up Dimitra’s dishes on YouTube - she’s got some nice Greek meatballs either with lemony potatoes or in a tomato sauce.

My kids love tacos too

ItsJustTheOneSwanActually Thu 01-Aug-19 19:50:38

Delia's moussaka with added sliced potato on the bottom. Delish.

LadyMonicaBaddingham Thu 01-Aug-19 19:50:59

Pasticcio is a nice change from lasagne without being too different, iyswim...

Make your meat sauce, stir in some cooked pasta (I use macaroni). Top with white sauce, sprinkle with breadcrumbs and grated cheese and bake until sizzling and golden on top.

tryingtobebetterallthetime Thu 01-Aug-19 20:02:16

You inspired me to go search for Asian flavors with mince. I haven't tried this but it looks good. On my list to try as broccoli is a tough sell in my house.

LittleTopic Fri 02-Aug-19 05:33:07

Thanks all - these sound great! grin

I do do meatballs occasionally but the Greek recipe sounds fab. I will have to look into the doner recipes and relive my teenage years in a slightly healthier way smile

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LittleTopic Fri 02-Aug-19 05:34:07

@Myimaginarycathasfleas no such luck although I do love a mince pie!

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Passionaria Sat 03-Aug-19 06:19:13

Not just tacos, but taco salad. You can use a packet of taco seasoning mix or brown the mince with some finely sliced salad onion and minced garlic then season with oregano, chilli powder, a bit of smoked paprika, cumin and coriander if you like it.

That goes on top of a bed of iceberg lettuce along with grated cheese, a spoonful of soured cream or plain yogurt, a sponful of salsa and a few crushed tortilla chips. The mince should be hot, straight from the cooker and everything else cool for a good contrast. Guacamole or sliced avocado won't go amiss if you like it.

GrannyHaddock Sat 03-Aug-19 20:46:00

Empire pie, except we can't call it that now. Shepherd's or cottage pie with curry spices in the mince mixture and turmeric in the mashed potato.

cdtaylornats Sat 03-Aug-19 21:10:06

5-Spice beef and sugar snaps with noodles.

I've made this many times.

LittleTopic Sat 03-Aug-19 21:13:52

@Passionaria this actually just made me hungry.

@GrannyHaddock this sounds great! DH has decided he wants “some sort of pie” (defrosting the mince for Monday) so I will try this grin

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LtGreggs Sat 03-Aug-19 21:19:28

You can do an old-school mince pie - that's what my great-aunties used to serve up, but I've not had one since childhood!

Cornish pasty - mini ones work well with mince-based filling.


GrannyHaddock Sat 03-Aug-19 21:28:22

You can find a recipe online called something like: Indian spiced shepherd's pie. Hope DH likes it!

awkwardturtle Sat 03-Aug-19 21:43:11

How about Bobotie...

bitchfromhell Sat 03-Aug-19 21:52:44

You're going to have to take a leap of faith here but you must try this lamb mince recipe.
I admit, it sounds revolting, but honestly it's the second nicest lamb mince recipe after Patrick Fermours Moussakka, recipe in the same book.
In fact, Rick Stein's Venice to Istanbul will probably give you a lot of good recipes for those ingredients.

Pomgirl Sat 03-Aug-19 21:55:57

I make a lunch prep, mine, stiry fry packet of veg, soy sauce, five spice and chilli flakes, add a packet rice in pan and mix all up... easy grin

awkwardturtle Sat 03-Aug-19 22:03:45

This shows my age but I loved this Sainsbury's book from the 80s by Josceline Dimbleby - Marvellous Meals with Mince. Still available to buy...

joystir59 Sat 03-Aug-19 22:51:34

Chilli meatballs stuffed with feta in tomato sauce

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