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Feeding my 7 & 4 year old

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Lollipopslife17 Sun 28-Jul-19 10:44:50

Help pls, I am feeling like a bad mother as I don't know what to feed my kids who are fussy and picky. I now find I am feeding them potato waffle and fish fingers, bagel & biscuits. Can someone be kind enough to give me quick simple recipe ideas pls

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Ricekrispie22 Sun 28-Jul-19 12:01:37

Cauliflower Mac and cheese
Tuna burgers
Fried rice
Fish finger pie

Lollipopslife17 Sun 28-Jul-19 12:44:34

@Ricekrispie22 thanks a bunch

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AtleastitsnotMonday Sun 28-Jul-19 16:00:30

Can u say a bit more about how they are fussy? If they eat fishfingers could you try homemade fishcakes?
Salmon fishcakes
Paprika chicken skewers

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