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What CAN I cook for a diabetic with diverticulitis AND gall stones?

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Budababe Tue 31-Jul-07 17:34:42

MIL is coming to stay tomorrow and am at a loss as to what I can feed her. She was diagnosed as diabetic last year - I could cater for that quite easily but too much fibre aggravates her diverticulitis and she has now just been diagnosed with gall stones too! Help!

Poor thing - she loves her food!

I know salads aggravate her at the moment which is a hassle as we were planning lots of BBQs and salads!

collision Tue 31-Jul-07 17:37:30

Roast chicken, new potatoes and vegetables.

simple, great for everyone and she can take what she wants.

Budababe Tue 31-Jul-07 17:47:07

Funnily enough roast chicken on menu for tomorrow night!

Now - the other 4 nights????????

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