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Delicious but healthy salad recipes

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justaweeone Fri 26-Jul-19 09:26:22

Looking for inspiration for some yummy salad recipes
Any suggestions welcome please

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AdaColeman Fri 26-Jul-19 11:29:12

Beetroot (vacuum packed not pickled) with a yoghurt and chive dressing, you could add chickpeas to make it more substantial.

Green beans or mushrooms or butter beans a la Greque, (tomatoes and onions)

Russian salad, you could add sausage/salami to make into a meal.

Salade Niçoise

Waldorf salad, especially good with smoked mackerel fillets.

242Mummy Fri 26-Jul-19 12:03:10

Highly recommend the Leon Happy Salads book. Tasty recipes, super fresh and healthy. I love it!

AtleastitsnotMonday Sat 27-Jul-19 16:45:28

I had the best salad the other night. Base of spinach, spring onion and celery with a few finely sliced pickled gherkins and cherry tomatoes . Spread blanched cauliflower, chickpeas, courgettes on a baking tray sprinkle with nigella seeds and curry powder and spray with oil and bake in oven. Add to leaves and drizzle with fat free natural yoghurt.

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