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Parkmama Tue 23-Jul-19 12:49:33

Can anyone recommend where to buy in bulk (for domestic use!) nuts / seeds / lentils etc

bionicnemonic Tue 23-Jul-19 12:51:55

You may have a food co-op near you (not the Co-Op supermarket) but a group who buy in bulk and resell to locals...have a look online

Littleguggi Tue 23-Jul-19 15:23:30

Costco/wholesalers or alternatively if you have any Indian grocery stores near you you can buy large packets of lentils etc

GrannyHaddock Tue 23-Jul-19 21:29:48

Definitely an Indian/Asian grocery. Large packs of all the all the items you mention. Herbs and spices in bags for the same cost as teeny glass jars in a supermarket. Our local place has paneer in blocks or already cubed.

Pantah630 Wed 24-Jul-19 07:03:32

What Granny said, they are the best places to shop.

Pantah630 Wed 24-Jul-19 07:05:12

Oops, posted too soon. All the herbs, spices, fruit, veg, meat, pulses and grains you could want. Especially if you regularly cook Asian, Greek, Middle Eastern or Caribbean food.

SavoyCabbage Wed 24-Jul-19 07:15:36

I go to an Asda in a multi cultural area. They sell sacks of lentils, frozen roti, huge bunches of fresh coriander etc. The one closest to where I live just sells Jammy Dodgers by the sack.

bionicnemonic Wed 24-Jul-19 08:19:37

Mmmm a sack of jammie dodgers....!

dramalamma Wed 24-Jul-19 08:26:25

Healthy, loads of places online but these are my two favourites

242Mummy Wed 24-Jul-19 19:48:38

I use for freekeh, bulgar wheat and quinoa. Also for nuts and seeds. So far, they have offered the best prices and have been excellent in terms of speedy P&P.

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