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Toppings for baked potatoes?

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Nuttyaboutnutella Mon 22-Jul-19 21:34:09

I have two very small children so I'm all about the quick, easy meals at the moment. Trying to do things like omelette or baked potato a couple of times a week but need some inspiration to keep things more exciting.

Aside from beans and cheese, what are some good fillings for baked potato?
We're having chicken tikka this week but can't think of anything else. My partner is fussy doesn't like tinned tuna so that's our for him.

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pinknsparkly Mon 22-Jul-19 21:40:08

- cottage cheese (I love the one with pineapple but you could go plain or the chive one)
- bolognaise
- refried beans
- coleslaw
- meatballs
- pulled pork
- shredded chicken or ham

and whilst this isnt conventional, I merrily serve any leftover sauce (sweet and sour, carbonara etc). freeze left overs in potato sized servings and get them out to defrost in the morning!

northernlites Mon 22-Jul-19 21:50:45

We do chopped up fried bacon and sour cream as another filling

Have you tried Spanish omelette? Basically cooked potatoes and some onion, filling and satisfying

homemadegin Mon 22-Jul-19 21:51:41

Egg mayo
Chicken mayo

Turn into potato skins with cheese and diced bacon or Spring onion.

Cheese and pineapple

Sweet chilli chicken or port or beef

BuffaloCauliflower Mon 22-Jul-19 21:55:18

Ratatouille (easy to make in advance and keep too)
Cheese and coleslaw
Creamy garlic mushrooms
Humous, feta, sundried tomatoes

stucknoue Mon 22-Jul-19 21:55:59

Make spag Bol one night and keep spare bolagnaise for baked potatoes (and add cheese) same goes for chilli. Top tip if you have a freezer is to batch cook, or freeze to avoid duplicating the same week. I found at that age they loved anything with mince and would chew on carrots whilst I cooked!

Blondie1984 Mon 22-Jul-19 23:23:04

Tinned salmon mixed with natural yoghurt (or blend smoked salmon with soft cheese)
Prawn mayo
Shepherds/cotttage pie Insides
Chicken pie insides
Lentil dahl
Goulash or stroganoff
Fajita chicken
Scoop out the insides, mash, mix with smoked haddock and sweetcorn and pop it back in with some grated cheese on top and grill

Frannibananni Tue 23-Jul-19 06:34:43

Bacon, coleslaw and sour cream with lots of salt and pepper.

lastqueenofscotland Tue 23-Jul-19 07:38:05

Cottage cheese and chive
Chickpea curry
Roasted veg and hummous

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Tue 23-Jul-19 19:24:28

Have you tried baked sweet potatoes for a change? Lovely with a mango salsa.

Leftover chilli
feta, red onion, cucumber, green chilli, coriander
Garlic mushrooms

AwdBovril Tue 23-Jul-19 19:34:10

Mash some butter into the potatoes, & top with tuna. Lots of "drier" things are nice if the potatoes are quite buttery. IMHO.

Tuna mayonnaise.
Scoop out the potato into a bowl, mash up with a bit of chopped ham, some grated cheese, then spoon it back into the skins. Back in the oven for about 10 minutes until it's gone all melty.
Cottage cheese.
Baked beans & crispy bacon bits, or leftover chopped up sausages.
I love bolognaise with some cheese on top.

TheHandsOfNeilBuchanan Tue 23-Jul-19 22:40:23

Most if not all of the above, I also like making garlic mushrooms, I love left over curry on a jacket, I batch cook things like that and freeze normal portions and smaller jacket spud portions. Also for a retro meal, some wholetail scampi , jacket and peas or salad! Easy because the scampi just goes in the oven.

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