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Healthy puddings for Ten month old

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Elf Wed 21-Aug-02 14:48:57

I feel rather restricted with DD's desserts and fear she is about to turn into a banana if I'm not careful. I don't give her any sugary things and use soya yoghurts rather than dairy. I would be grateful to hear other people's ideas for puddings please.

So far she has,
banana and avocado mashed together
fruit soya yoghurt with banana
jar of blueberry etc puree
grated apple in yog
mashed peach, melon etc.

I made some rice pudding once but it tasted pretty gross. Surely fruit and yoghurt must get a bit boring for the poor girl? Thanks everyone.

Tillysmummy Wed 21-Aug-02 14:53:59

Elf, DD has either jar or bought fruit puree always for pudding. I also sometimes give her some raisins, she is 11.5 months. I never give her sugary deserts but do sometimes give her a rusk.

I have made rice pudding with a fresh raspberry sauce and also coconut rice pudding but my dd prefers the fresh fruit over all of this. I often give her melon, pineapple, nectarine, peach, apple, pear, strawberries and basically make a fruit salad with whatever i've got.

Tillysmummy Wed 21-Aug-02 14:54:32

Meant to say jar OF bought not or bought. Excuse my illiteracy today ladies.

Elf Wed 21-Aug-02 15:13:01

tillysmummy thanks for the quick response, I like the idea of coconut rice pudding, think I'll try that when I next have some of that elusive thing called time. And your "fresh raspberry sauce" just sounds so posh! Thanks.

Tillysmummy Wed 21-Aug-02 15:15:30

Not really hon, just fresh raspberries simmered with sugar and sieved ! Time, now what's that...

Jendy Wed 21-Aug-02 15:24:54

Elf Like tillysmummy I also give raisins in the house I just use large packets, but outdoors I find the baby organix or sunmaid small packets handy. I also give dried chewy banana chips not the sugar/honey coated ones (from holland & barratt or healthfood shops) which he eats like sweets. He'll sometimes eat dried apricots and prunes but I think should be given in moderation (high natural suagr content and fibre). Another friend gives her dd dried apple rings which are especially good if dd is teething (mine doesn't like them). I still puree and freeze cubes of individual fruit eg. apple, mango, peach, plum, bluberries, raspberries etc and mix cubes for different flavours or mix with fresh fruit or with soya base desserts like provamel. While the weather's been hot I've also made small lolly ices out of fruit (or juices). One rather nice dessert is to freeze a banana and serve with either blueberry or raspberry or both sauce. I've also got a little booklet that came free from Wysoy which gives recipes for cakes using soya milk.

Bozza Wed 21-Aug-02 15:32:51

If your DD is getting better at chewing you could try grapes (cut in half)- my DS adored them at that age and still does. He also loves rasins and at that age the prunes were very popular. Last night I gave him halved black cherries which went down really well. What about a buttered currant teacake or hot cross bun?

Jendy Wed 21-Aug-02 15:37:27

As well as Bozza's suggestions _ I also give crumpets which tend not to have any dairy in it's make up and spread with dried apricot puree

slug Thu 22-Aug-02 15:36:46

Some cooked rice, a pot of yoghurt or petit filous and fruit mashed together. Instant rice pudding, goes down a treat.

Eulalia Thu 22-Aug-02 22:32:47

What about ice cream (non dairy if you prefer). You can mix some pureed fruit into this. Also pureed fruit into Ready Brek (which has no salt or sugar) - a good breakfast too.

What about fruit with a crumble topping? Again you can restrict the sugar for this and replace some of the flour in the mixture with crushed cereal.

Jelly with fruit or if you are veggie then use arrowroot. This can also be used to set a fruit flan.

leese Fri 23-Aug-02 15:23:08

Elf - I buy flaked riced (from Tesco), add whole milk and small amt of sugar, and simmer on hob for 15 mins - lovely and creamy (not gross at all!) - often add some stewed fruits or mashed banana too. Also mashed banana in homemade custard is good too (and by homemade I mean using the tin of custard powder so you can add your own sugar - not really homemade at all!)

Elf Fri 23-Aug-02 20:34:17

Gosh thanks everyone, I'm touched. I'm going to print this off right now and little dd will have a lovely time over the coming weeks. She is still quite funny about chewing and I find the choking thing quite alarming but I think she is getting better so I'll get to work on all your top tips. Thanks again.

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