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Morrison's ready made mash

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Tensun15 Mon 22-Jul-19 12:24:27

Think I was being abit overly concerned 🙈.. thought oh god I'm going to have everyone ill .. then went into extreme panic mode.

I wish I was more chilled out.

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overnightangel Mon 22-Jul-19 11:58:32

It’ll still have been absolutely fine! They cover their backs with the dates so a couple of days over is nothing to worry about, it’s not like it was raw chicken or milk

Tensun15 Mon 22-Jul-19 11:54:24

Thanks. X

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stucknoue Mon 22-Jul-19 07:44:55

I've eaten it far more out of date! There's a decent margin I think

Tensun15 Mon 22-Jul-19 07:42:47

Thankyou for replying. Yes I'm hoping that too. It didn't smell or look off, and did taste nice.

I have been watching the kids like a hawk throughout the night. Honestly, I got to the point of What I'm I Doing 🙈.

We had it yesterday at 2pm & still all ok. So fingers crossed 🤞


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Blondie1984 Sun 21-Jul-19 23:51:34

Anything has the potential to make you ill but I very much doubt you will get ill from eating this...if it was "off" it would have smelled and tasted funny and you would have picked up on that. Plus use by dates on quite a lot of foods can to be taken with a pinch of salt (except for things like meat/fish) and the product is fine for a few days after - so I don't think you'll have a problem

Tensun15 Sun 21-Jul-19 22:31:39


Made a Sunday dinner today & used some ready made mash I had in the fridge. Being lazy!!!

After we had all eaten and I was tidying up.. I noticed the mash was 2 days over it's Use By date.

Now been stressing thinking I'm
Going to make everyone ill.. it's been 8 hours since we ate it. And I am ,so far, ok!!

But hope we will be all ok!!

What's your thoughts .. could it make us ill????

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