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Slow cooker fans - help me please!

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QuantumWeatherButterfly Sun 21-Jul-19 16:18:19

We’ve just upgraded our old, very basic slow cooker, because I wanted one with an automatic keep warm function - but I’m really struggling with the new one.

I put a joint of beef brisket in it with a halved onion, wine and stock, and left it on low for 12 hours. In my old slow cooker, this would have resulted in meltingly soft, falling apart beef. In my new one - it’s tough as old boots. Cooked, but not ‘done’. Even the onions were still pretty solid - in the old one, they would have practically dissolved into the juices. It's happened twice now, so it isn't just bad luck.

Does that sound right? How long would you expect to have to slow cook a beef joint for? I’m trying to work out whether there’s something wrong with our new slow cooker, or our old one was just way hotter than it should have been!

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Disfordarkchocolate Sun 21-Jul-19 16:22:26

In mine that would be lovely. We do an hour on high and then turn it down to low for at least 6 hours. Mine does have a setting for auto but I've never used it.

ChihuahuaMummy1 Sun 21-Jul-19 17:16:41

I do joints around 5 hours on high,always come out lovely

Graphista Sun 21-Jul-19 17:22:19

That doesn't sound right to me.

I'm veggie but I've cooked meat for dd in slow cooker and my mum uses hers all the time for this type of "recipe" and I'd say you're right, 12 hours should be more the long enough for those ingredients to be well cooked and if they're not that would concern me.

Not only quality but potential food poisoning issues if it's not getting hot enough. Do you have a meat thermometer? Might be worth getting one to do a check and then it may give you more "proof" that its not working right

QuantumWeatherButterfly Sun 21-Jul-19 18:10:03

Thanks, all - I'm glad it's not just me that thinks this is weird. DH is also convinced it's faulty, he's sent them an email about it. I'm feeling quite guilty - I insisted on the 'upgrade' and picked the model, but my PIL bought it for us as a gift, and it wasn't a cheapie one!

Keep warm was meant to be really helpful for us, we're often out of the house for over 12 hours in the week and I don't really like using timer plugs - I don't like the idea of things sitting at room temp for ages before cooking starts. I was hoping it would mean we would get much more use from it but not at this rate!

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userxx Sun 21-Jul-19 20:43:14

No, that definitely doesn't sound right. Hopefully you will be able to get it swapped. My slow cook was about £7, it's so basic but does the job.

QuantumWeatherButterfly Mon 22-Jul-19 07:14:29

Ha! This may work out in my favour - DH has said we can 'think about' getting an instant pot!

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