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What do you cook on self-catering holidays?

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GenericDietCola Sun 21-Jul-19 11:14:50

We usually go on self-catering holidays in the UK and cook for ourselves most nights. I meal prep and get a shopping delivery on the first night so we don’t usually need to do much shopping during the rest of the week. I prefer easy, healthy food and am looking to steal your ideas! Here are a few of my favourites:

Salmon with roasted veg
Jacket potatoes with tuna and salad
Chicken tray bake
Stir fry

What are yours?

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Passthecake30 Sun 21-Jul-19 11:17:15

sausage mash and beans,
omelette, new potatoes and salad
Frozen Pizza
Frozen fish and potato wedges.
Pasta with passata, chicken, peppers, garlic, onion etc.

Nothing too complicated.

BonnesVacances Sun 21-Jul-19 11:25:57

The best meals are the ones that don't need lots of store cupboard ingredients.

We always cook a chicken and have it with salad/ new potatoes.
Spaghetti carbonara is easy too.

Butternutsqoosh Sun 21-Jul-19 20:49:15

Tonight we had mango lime and coconut chicken fillets with salad and chunky chips, last night the kids had seafood pasta and I had fillet of fish with rice and salad

ritzbiscuits Sun 21-Jul-19 20:53:22

I take our slow cooker and make chilli or spaghetti bolognese to come home to, plus either a chicken curry or Spanish chicken (in a tomato type sauce).

FruitcakeAndCheese Sun 21-Jul-19 20:57:31

Pasta bake with roasted veggies and tomato sauce.

Tuna Niçoise salad.

Veggie chilli and rice.

Stir-fry veg and noodles with salmon/teriyaki sauce.

One night of cheese, biscuits, pâté, chutney and fruit.

Steak baguettes with salad.

GenericDietCola Sun 21-Jul-19 22:17:24

I like the idea of taking the slow cooker. Thanks for the other ideas too. Will be making a list soon!

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RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sun 21-Jul-19 22:26:44

Never done self-catering tbh but if I did, I'd be going as easy as humanly possible. So:

Bought quiches with jacket spuds and salad
Veggie burgers or veggie hotdogs, with corn on the cob
Baked camembert with French stick, radishes, carrots, celery etc for dipping
Cheese board tea
Picky tea - hoummus etc
And I'd be finding out where the best local chip shop was too!

SpoonBlender Sun 21-Jul-19 23:07:21

Plenty of food above, I won't add to the pile. What I will say is for god's sake take your own sharp knives! I've only ever been to one holiday let that had anything better than a steak knife or butter-knife level bluntness, and it's downright dangerous to cut eg onions with such horrible tools.

Maybe a cutting board too, those tend to be few and far between.

/peeve petted!

Bumbags Sun 21-Jul-19 23:11:41

Pasta pesto with broccoli
Chicken and chorizo traybake

BikeRunSki Sun 21-Jul-19 23:12:45

Watching with interest! We will be self catering in 3 weeks from now.,

Summergarden Sun 21-Jul-19 23:15:46

Tuna and pasta bake
Mediterranean chicken
Slow cooker to make meatballs in tomato sauce to serve with spaghetti

ChippyMinton Mon 22-Jul-19 08:44:48

Recipe mix sachets to jazz up readily available ingredients like fresh and tinned vegetables and chicken or fish.
Fajita kits.
Slow cooker and microwave rice cooker (if driving) for chilli etc.
Omelettes and crusty bread.
Hot roast chicken from the supermarket with sides and salads

OtraCosaMariposa Mon 22-Jul-19 08:50:48

We self-cater both here and overseas. It's a holiday for me too, so I so as little proper cooking as humanly possible.
In the UK we have things like a bought hot chicken from the supermarket with salad and crusty bread, fresh pasta with shop bought sauce, frozen pizzas, ready meals - anything I can just bung in the oven or cook quickly.

Overseas, it's mostly barbecues, salads, lovely cheeses and ham, olives, fruit, yoghurt.

AtleastitsnotMonday Mon 22-Jul-19 13:34:06

Fresh pasta with a simple arabiata sauce
Tuna steaks and salad
Butterflied chicken breast marinated with garlic, lemon juice and your choice of herbs and grilled
Falafels and pita

GenericDietCola Sun 28-Jul-19 18:59:42

Thank you for all the ideas flowers

Any more?

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Peach1886 Sun 28-Jul-19 19:17:58

The Roasting Tin cookbook - very simple recipes with minimum prep, minimum washing up and fantastic tasty (and healthy) results. So easy even DH volunteers to cook some nights 😄

hopeishere Sun 28-Jul-19 19:20:50

I refuse to cook. We take M&S ready meals. Cooking is a total chore for me so I want a break from it!!

Some of the above sound delicious though!

Ragwort Sun 28-Jul-19 19:24:26

As simply as possible and tbh I don’t particularly bother if it’s ‘healthy’ or not. Used to always take a frozen (homemade) bolognese for the first night & then BBQ, tapas type meals, maybe cook a gammon & then have it with salad the next night, that sort of thing. This thread reminds me why my last two family holidays were AI grin.

CatsForLife Sun 28-Jul-19 19:27:17

Do one slow cooker meal before you go, freeze and then take with you for an easy first night. It will have defrosted when you get there - chilli or Bolognese. We also buy a Cook meal for a treat one of the nights. Also second the cooked chicken with salad, coleslaw and crusty bread. Sometimes we do a big lunch out and then just have a picnic tea with sandwiches etc. Takes the pressure off.

EggysMom Sun 28-Jul-19 19:45:04

We take homemade bolognaise (batch cook!) to have with spaghetti. If it defrosts, we have it on our first night; if it stays frozen, it's later in the week.

We purchase supermarket curries (especially the Welsh Curries!) and have with pouch rice.

Rotisserie chicken with crusty bread & sides.

Sausage, mash (if we remember to take a decent masher) & beans. Else sausage, bacon, frozen hash-browns & beans.

Grumpbum123 Sun 28-Jul-19 20:06:54

Pesto pasta
Bought cooked chicken with salad
Quiche salad and chips
Gammon and salad

Leftielefterson Sun 28-Jul-19 20:08:32

Hats off to you guys that cook. I’ve been SC a few times and I’ll happily make breakfast and sometimes a salad for lunch but I never cook dinner as we always eat out.

If I were to cook it would be easy stuff though.

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