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Recipes from around the world for a hen night

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Mung Sun 29-Jul-07 20:30:37

I am planning a 'hen evening' and my hen has done quite a bit of travelling. I want the menu to be from places that she has visited on her travels and I am struggling...

I need easy recipes for food and/or drink that can be cooked relatively quickly (or in advance and frozen) from:
New Zealand

Some can be covered by a bottle of 'local' wine, butI am struggling. Any help would be much appreciated.

WideWebWitch Sun 29-Jul-07 20:32:19

What a nice idea.
Spain, paella? tapas?
India, samosas are v quick and easy to cook and can be frozen
Australia and NZ could be covered by wine

ZZMum Sun 29-Jul-07 20:32:26

Ecuador -- very easy -- get guinea pig, put on skewar, roast, serve.

Spain -- tapas -- very easy -- olives, small meatballs, spicy tomato sauce, pieces of chorizo and manchego cheese..

Mung Sun 29-Jul-07 20:45:46

Oh...forgot to add...needs to be VEGGIE, so guinea pig is out!

jetjets Mon 30-Jul-07 14:12:20

Message withdrawn

jetjets Mon 30-Jul-07 14:12:36

Message withdrawn

GreatAuntieWurly Mon 30-Jul-07 14:14:05

do you have lots of people coming?? could you delegate a country per person then you dont have to worry about doing all of them???

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