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jenk1 Sun 29-Jul-07 11:33:32

Tis sunday so its time for MP,ing.

Sunday Aberdeen Angus minced beef pie
with bubble and squeak and salad.

Monday Home made pizza,s.

Tuesday Chilli con carne with salad and garlic bread

Weds fish pie with peas and carrots

Thursday Chicken Curry

Friday Tuna Lasagne

Radley Sun 29-Jul-07 11:34:30

I would love to meal plan, but, I live with a v v fussy dh and dd2 hardly eats enough to fill a sparrow.

granarybeck Sun 29-Jul-07 22:39:52

Monday Cous cous roast veg chicken (left over)

Tuesday Thai Red Fish Curry Rice Mange Tout

Wednesday Mackerel Salad (me and dh, is dd's party in afternoon)

Thursday Out for dd's birthday

Friday Chilli Spinach and cheese pasta

Saturday Pizza and salad for dh and dcs - cos I will be at Prince!!!! (am v excited!)

Sunday - off on hols!

Radley - I find that if I meal plan I only need to think about catering for everyone's fussiness once week rather than everyday!

jenk1 Mon 30-Jul-07 09:49:56

ahem, taps her desk with her pencil where are the rest of you?

janeitebus Mon 30-Jul-07 10:37:09

Sorry - when it's the holidays, my feeble attempts at meal planning go completely out of the window. All I have in the fridge is a hunk of mature cheddar, a jar of pickled onions, half a punnet of blueberries and a pint of milk. Do I feel a "Ready Steady Cook" episode coming on?

Today - out for curry
Tomorrow - out for the day, so probably a picnic
Wednesday and thereafter - God knows.

I DO have lots of pasta in the cupboard though, so that could be a theme.

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