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Very boring question about frozen veg

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onlyconnect Wed 10-Jul-19 20:46:30

Once you drop frozen veg into boiled water, do you time the cooking time from then or do you start from when it's rebooked ( which can take several minutes)?

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dementedpixie Wed 10-Jul-19 20:53:00

I wait until it's back to the boil

AdaColeman Thu 11-Jul-19 17:06:08

Yup, time it from when it comes back to the boil.

msmith501 Thu 11-Jul-19 17:08:27

The timing is from the time you drop them onto vigorously boiling water

gowgow Fri 12-Jul-19 18:16:00

2 different opinions !

I remove a broad bean, pea, whatever, & taste after the shorter time.
Not quite ready, durrrrr...

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