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My ganache has split

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MyGastIsFlabbered Tue 09-Jul-19 21:04:20

Made a vegan ganache I've made a million times before and it's 'split' and has a layer of fat on top. Is it salvageable? I wondered if it was the heat causing it and whether if I beat it up again then put the cake in the fridge I can save it? I've got no chance to get out to the shops and it needs to go with me to work tomorrow.

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Blondie1984 Wed 10-Jul-19 00:15:02

It's hard to say without knowing what you used and at what stage it split BUT you could try the following:
Pour the cooled separated ganache into a food processor and blitz it slowly whilst pouring in some more of the cool liquid you used in place of cream (don't know if you used coconut cream or....?) until the ganche comes together again as a smooth mixture

If this doesn't work then could you improvise? Eg Nutella, vegan buttercream?

canihaveacoffeeplease Fri 12-Jul-19 02:33:54

A bit late here...

But when ganaches split you can blitz them with a stick blender and they should come back together. I usually blitz my vegan ganaches to emulsify anyway as they can be a bit trickier than non vegan ones. I'm an ex chef/current chocolatier

MyGastIsFlabbered Fri 12-Jul-19 09:32:23

Thank you both. I beat it to within an inch of its life and that seemed to 'unsplit' it. Survived the night too!

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